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How To Build A Loyal Customer Following For Your Business

Your customers are the backbone of your business. Without customers you’ll find your business struggling to survive against your competition. So how do you build a loyal customer following for your business

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Decentralized Search Engines – Are They Going To Overtake Google?

Presently, Google controls almost 80% of desktop and 95% of Mobile searches. The search engine giant handles more than 40,000 search queries every second, which means more than 3.5 billion queries per

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What a difference a voice makes

We all react to people and make assumptions if not judge them consciously and subconsciously.  Even if you see someone in the pub for the first time, there is an initial primal reaction to the way people

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Be self-aware to practise self-care

Everyone thinks that self-care is about getting our nails and highlights done once every six weeks. But it is more than that. Self-care comes in many forms and needs carrying out with differing degrees

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I lost my Twitter Mojo!

Roundabout the end of 2017, it disappeared… my Twitter mojo was washed away by the holiday season and winter rains.  Try as I might, over the next few months it didn’t return.  Not a problem you

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What Impact Have Social Media Networks on Feminism?

With the constant rise of social media networks, many movements have found a way to spread their message and attract a following. Social media essentially gave a voice to many women who have something

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Content Marketers: 4 Tips to Manage Digital Files

Did you know that the average retailer has 50,000 SKUs? Even a small mom-and-pop shop can have over 10,000 products. How about your business, do you really know how many digital files your organization

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