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Can’t find time to write your blogs?

Running a business is hard work.  It can be fun, enjoyable even but there are days where the notion of leaving work at 5 o’clock and not thinking about it until 9 o’clock the next day feels very appealing.clocks juggling

So, how do you find time to get your content done?  We all know that consistent content, blogs particularly, are critical to engaging and retaining our tribes.

When we’ve got too much to do it can be hard to find the time, let alone the creativity, to create consistent engaging content.

So, how can we make it happen without having to find another day between Tuesday and Wednesday?

10 Minutes a day

What if I told you that you can write your weekly blog in just 10 minutes a day?

Even the busiest person can find 10 minutes a day:

  • While commuting to meetings on public transport
  • Do your weekly shop online and have it delivered
  • Get someone else to the dishes
  • In your coffee break or your lunchbreak while you’re eating
  • Alternate your pick-ups and drop-offs of your kids with your neighbours or friends

That isn’t even considering where most of us are guilty of spending more time than needed on our biggest timewasters – social media, television and phones.

I know someone who wrote their first crime novel in their lunchbreaks at work.  The average crime novel is about 80,000 words.  I’m guessing if she can manage that – we can all find 10 minutes a day.

Blogs are generally between 300 and 1,200 words.  300 is the minimum required to rank in search engines.  Most of our readers are likely to be as busy as we are so anything over 1,000 words would be considered long.    However, I say that with this caveat – you know your audience – if you know they prefer blogs of 1,200 words then go with that.

The average blog is between 700 and 800 words – so let’s go with the middle of that range – 750 words.

Most of us know our topics – we write blogs on our area of expertise.  It’s unlikely any of us would choose to blog on a subject we know nothing about.  So, it comes down to how fast we can write.

Let’s do the sums

We know that the average person types at 40 words per minute.  For the dubious amongst us – let’s call it 20 words per minute.

  • 20 words per minute is 200 words.
  • 200 words a night for a week is 1,400 words.
  • If your average blog is 750 words, then that is nearly two blogs every week!
  • If you want to factor in planning and editing, then why not try this:

Monday                10 minutes drafting points to raise

Tuesday                10 minutes writing              (200 words)

Wednesday         10 minutes writing              (200 words)

Thursday              10 minutes writing              (200 words)

Friday                     10 minutes writing              (200 words)

Saturday               10 minutes writing              (200 words)

Sunday                  10 minutes editing

That isn’t all.  If you follow the plan above, you will manage a 1,000-word blog and still have time to plan and proof each of your blogs within that 10 minutes a day.

I’m happy to say that we’ve been trialling 10 minutes per day (on non-fiction and fiction writing) in my free writing tribe on Facebook and the early indications are that most people are averaging between 250 – 500 words for each of the 10 minutes writing.

happy thumbs up woman

This means that the figures in the plan above figures are on the low side.

Another tip would be to spend 10 minutes every month to draft a bullet point list of potential blog topics for the following month.  This means that you will be able to simply choose from this list without having to spend time thinking up subjects every week.

You can see how quickly the word count can add up just from investing 10 minutes a day.  It doesn’t need to be a huge burden on the rest of your day.  And if you are not well or something comes up where you genuinely can’t do your 10 minutes writing on one day – it’s easy to make up by putting aside 20 minutes on another day in the week.   There’s no risk of finding yourself so behind that you feel guilty.  You easily make the time up.

Writing is like anything else – the more you regularly you do it the easier it becomes.  A few weeks of this and your blog writing will go from a stressor on your to-do list to something you can do without even thinking about it.

Happy writing!

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