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5 Ways Women Can Break the Glass Ceiling 

Women often have to deal with many challenging issues in the workplace, such as sexism, unequal pay, and gender barriers. Unfortunately, a women’s experience in the workplace is often shrouded with gender stereotypes, and these biases could result in deeper rooted issues, such as a lack of women in leadership or a non-inclusive workplace environment. 

So, here are five ways women can break the glass ceiling and turn their careers into wins.

Goal Visualisation 

Success starts with a goal, both in our career and in life in general. Whether big or small, these goals give us a purpose. And just like a compass, they lead us to the right path. Of course, it requires loads of hard work and determination before finally achieving your goal. Nevertheless, the first step is to identify your career goals. Once you have identified your goals, start creating an action plan.

Goal visualisation can help women break the barrier that prevents them from rising to senior positions. Once we visualise what we want our career to be, our brain will generate an impulse telling our neurons to act on it. If you want to bag a senior role, visualise yourself in it. Seeing yourself succeed can help you to convince yourself that it can happen. When you imagine every step of your goal going well, you get your mind and body prepared to take those steps in real life.

The good thing about goal visualisation is that you can apply it in various aspects of your life. Are you hoping for a promotion? Then, visualise it. Would you want to start your own business? Then think of yourself as already doing it. So many successful people have been using this technique to help them achieve their goals.

Get Feedback from Colleagues 

Receiving feedback about your work performance can be uncomfortable. But the reality is that, like everyone else, you are not perfect. So, do not be afraid to get feedback from colleagues. Use their feedback as your guide to improving yourself. Gather feedback from your teammates and managers and discuss your performance outside of the usual review process. The feedback can help you identify the skills you need to work on and things you need to learn to improve your professional career and break the glass ceiling.

Be open to criticism and advice when getting feedback about your performance. If your managers get a dismissive or defensive attitude when giving you feedback, this will only do more harm than good to your career. So, always be open to feedback and take it seriously. Use it to your advantage by developing your skills according to the constructive criticism you receive. 

If you focus on improving your performance and showing your interest in improving yourself, your manager and the other people you work with will be impressed. Eventually, your superiors will notice the improvement in your job, making it easier to promote you to a higher position. This is important groundwork for building a successful career, regardless of which industry you belong to.

Professionally Develop 

There are still several obstacles blocking women from getting promoted at work. Many of these women believe that they have the capability and skills to lead, yet the opportunity is not being made available for them. There are many critical factors that women should consider to break the glass ceiling. One of the key factors is that women should learn skills and acquire knowledge to help them achieve a fast-growing career and get promoted to leadership. 

To get ahead, women should consider taking up free online career development training courses. Personal development means improving oneself, focusing on building up your own knowledge and skills and overall sense of identity. It could cover anything from fulfilling personal aspirations to developing existing talents, learning a new skill, and improving your health and lifestyle. 

Meanwhile, professional development refers to learning professional credentials that can be independently achieved or gained within the workplace. It can include taking professional development courses, gaining professional qualifications, attending conferences, or studying for an academic degree. 

Ask for What You Want 

Sometimes, some women can’t get the position they want because they did not ask for it. Asking requires vulnerability and overcoming the fear of getting rejected. Women are usually less assertive than men in the workplace. They minimise the importance of speaking up, even in front of female executives during meetings. But being on the defensive and not saying anything will only show your lack of confidence. Also, if you never ask, the answer will always be no. 

Learning how to ask your superiors for something is an important skill that can help you progress in your skill. But first, you need to be clear about what you want and need. Having a clear sense of your career goals before you go into a conversation with your boss can help you present your request in a more coherent manner. Consider brainstorming to identify your goals and write down notes. You might want to discuss this first with a trusted mentor before talking directly to your superior.

Get a Career Mentor

Women who want to break the glass ceiling should consider getting a career mentor who can assert and support their professional growth. Otherwise, advancing their career can be a bit challenging. A career mentor refers to an internal advocate who is more experienced and can offer counsel or advice to help with your overall growth. 

One of the biggest benefits of having career mentoring is a higher rate of career development. Many women, especially the younger ones, are so enthusiastic about their new careers that they fail to set realistic goals. In addition, many of them do not have access to resources within the organisation to help with their professional growth.

Career mentors will help you stay focused on your goals and keep track of your career. In fact, professionals with career mentors are five times more likely to be promoted compared to those who are not getting any mentoring.

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