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5 Tips on Getting Started with Social Media for Your Online Store

Social media platforms have grown to be a hub of various marketing efforts originating from companies of all shapes and sizes. The main reason social media has become an integral part of every marketing campaign is that it allows businesses to directly connect with millions of potential customers.

Social media connects consumers and businesses in a way that no other channel is capable of. That’s why every company, online store and even large enterprises build a presence on social media. However, social media is a completely different world within the universe of online marketing.

Specific rules apply for social media compared to other marketing channels. That’s why many businesses have trouble standing out on social media. Fortunately, it’s not impossible to navigate this complex and dynamic environment if you take the time and make an effort to understand how everything works.

With that in mind, here are a few tips about getting started with social media for your online store.

1.      Do some quality social media research

Research is very important for every marketing strategy, social media included. You have to learn how social media works, your target audience, their preferences, needs, expectations, and demands.

Moreover, you have to determine what type of content your audience prefers. As you may already know, content is a vital component in establishing a relationship with your audience and keeping them engaged.

Once you’ve researched your audience a bit, you can create consumer personas. This will allow you to target specific demographics with the right messages at the right time in order to build engagement and interest. Last but not least, you should also conduct a social media competitive analysis to determine what your competitors do on social media.

You must look at how they communicate with their audience, what type of content they publish, how often they are active on various networks and so on. The purpose of this research is to allow you to identify gaps you can exploit so that you gain a competitive advantage.

2.      Pick the right social media networks

There are many social media networks out there, and your first instinct will be to build a presence on all of them. However, that is a monumental waste of time and resources. You have to pick only a few platforms your audience is most present on.

For example, for online stores, those networks would be Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You don’t need to have a presence on Snapchat unless your target audience is teenagers. Even then, that same audience is most likely on Facebook, a more suitable network for any eCommerce endeavor.

That said, do some research about where your audience prefers to hang out the most and start building your presence there. It will take some time to establish a presence on each of the desired platforms, but that’s a process you have to go through.

3.      Build your brand identity

Brands are popular and highly sought-after on social media. People like to interact with a brand, and they tend to become a part of that brand’s community if they can relate to it in any way. Your best bet at winning in social media marketing is to create a brand for your online store. Having a brand for your online stores can mean a significant competitive advantage. Here are a few things you should do.

  • Create a company mission, brand promise and define your core values.
  • Communicate your values to your audience.
  • Build brand identity and brand persona.
  • Choose a tone of voice to communicate with your audience.
  • Be consistent with your branding efforts.

Make sure that you adapt to every social media network you build a presence on. Although you’re communicating with the same audience as everywhere else, each social media platform requires a unique approach. Your audience expects you to adjust your content, messages and other efforts to match the “spirit” of a particular social media network.

4.      Create a killer web design

A lot of your marketing efforts on social media will serve the purpose of leading prospects back to your website. Social media is, in fact, one of the greatest sources of organic traffic. However, once your leads get to your website, you have to impress them and encourage them to explore further.

This is where your website design comes into play. This is especially true if you’re presenting your brand in a certain way on social media. Your web design must match your branding efforts, or your leads will notice that something is wrong. As an example, you have to pick the right color scheme and fonts for the website to match your brand on social media.

Furthermore, you have to use the same tone of voice you use in your social media content and messages. Every detail counts, so make sure you take the time to get everything right. If you have difficulties matching web design with your branding, you can always find some professional help.

That said, you should look for help locally, so if you’re from New York, for instance, you can check out some of the web designers NYC has to offer. The important thing is to be as consistent as possible so that your audience can relate easily to your brand both on social media and on your website.

5.      Use social media to boost your website’s visibility

Your online store and social media can work quite well together to help you boost your visibility, awareness and exposure. Social media platforms are not just any platforms. In fact, they can be powerful business tools with a plethora of helpful features.

You can even monetize your social channels and create an alternative revenue stream for your business. For example, Facebook allows you to set up a shop directly on your profile and enables your audience to purchase your products without visiting your website.

You can also invest in paid ads to target a specific group of people with specific offers. Moreover, you can connect your Instagram feed with your website and enrich your design with stunning images.

It also works both ways, as you can present your products through amazing imagery to your audience on Instagram. Another example is YouTube. This is an ideal platform for publishing product videos and demos so your audience can gain more information without reading an article, blog post or product description.

Each social media channel has its unique features and advantages you can explore and utilize to benefit your online store. You just have to find the right combination of these features that will work well in your favor.

Social media marketing is a must-have for every online business, including online stores. Social media gathers millions and millions of active users, which is an opportunity you simply cannot ignore. Even though social media can be difficult to navigate, you need to make an effort to establish a presence for your online store on these networks.


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