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3 Fast-Growing, High-Paying Careers for Women in 2021

3 Fast-Growing, High-Paying Careers for Women in 2021

Despite progress made, the gender pay gap still exists and continues to hamper women’s progress in a male-centric working world. However, there are several fields where women have found more success than their male-counterparts with careers in these fields proving the most lucrative when compared to other industries. This article takes a look at three fast-growing careers with the most earning potential for women.

1. Pharmacist

Pharmacists are the professionals in charge of managing and dispensing medication to patients who have received prescriptions from doctors, as well as advising people on the correct use of medications. They are an essential part of the healthcare chain and are vital for the smooth running of the entire system. Thanks to the growing trend of grocery stores incorporating pharmacies into their chains, there is huge growth in this industry; however, pharmacists based in hospitals and facilities that offer outpatient support are typically better paid.

To pursue a career as a pharmacist, a person must obtain a Master of Pharmacy Degree (MPharm) from an accredited institution. Students who prefer to study part-time or online can also earn their MPharm online.

2. Orthodontist

Another healthcare-based field that is projected to see growth in the next few years is dentistry with a specific focus on orthodontics. This trend is partly due to the increased number of adults who are starting to seek tooth straightening treatments with some 75% of British orthodontists reporting that they have seen an increase in the number of adult patients looking to fit braces.

An advantage to pursuing a career in this field is that many online institutions offer you the chance to study orthodontics remotely, as long as you already hold a degree in dentistry. Dentistry students looking to enrol in an online orthodontics course should ensure that their qualification comes from a reputable online school such as the London Dental Institute, an accredited institute that offers comprehensive orthodontic courses from beginner to advanced level. Students looking to earn a Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics (PG Dip) from the London Dental Institute do not require any prior knowledge of orthodontics to register for this qualification and, once registered, students can start treating patients immediately thanks to the free mentoring programme offered by the institute. You can find more details here.

3. Civil Engineer

If being responsible for designing, building, and managing projects relating to infrastructure sounds like it could be exciting, then a career in civil engineering may be right for you. Civil engineers are responsible for overseeing projects relating to water supply systems, airports, roadways, dams, and other infrastructure that is essential for the economy. Despite an estimated 19% of the UK’s workforce already being employed by the engineering industry, experts estimate that at least 124,000 new jobs will be created in the field every year until 2024.

To pursue a career in civil engineering, a person must obtain at least either a bachelor’s degree in a civil engineering speciality or civil engineering technology. To access more senior roles, a civil engineer should aim to obtain a master’s degree.

These are just some of the career paths that women have already found success in that are expected to see growth as we move forward into the next decade. When looking for a new career, women must do their own research into the field they want to study in to ensure that it is both right for them and that there are ample opportunities within the field.

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