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10 Apps to Better Equip a Lady Entrepreneur 2018

Female Entrepreneurship is growing day by day. According to the 2012 census, in the US the number of women entrepreneurs increased over 30% since 2007.  In this technology-driven world, there are a lot of applications that have been launched, let us take a look at the apps that can be used to Empower Female Entrepreneurs:-

1. Productive

Maintaining good habits is the first and foremost step for successful life. We are often trying to inculcate good habits but we fail. No worries! Productive is a fantastic habit tracker app.

It reminds you to do the important habits that you have decided to perform the entire day. All you need to do is setup the daily dashboard with the habits. And mark them when they are done. You can schedule multiple reminders for each habit. Also, the per habit stats are very beneficial and encouraging at the same time.

2. Hours

Time management the second most important thing, everyone has twenty-four hours in our lives, how we spend them is what makes us different. Running a business means to do multiple tasks to in the minimum possible amount of time, in this case, each and every hour matters. Hours is the best known time tracking app that helps you to utilize every single hour.

It is a very flexible app lets you create multiple timers for different tasks and clients. You can mark how many breaks you are taking, add more time to an assignment, you can seamlessly adjust according to your needs. The time reports can be exported in PDF or CSV format. This app helps you see where you are actually spending your important time.


EMERGE App is an easy and one of the best know business management tool that helps you to manage online and offline multichannel sales, along with that it provides simple accounting solution as well.

You can manage all the product information, entire workflow from sales to delivery, customer management, quotation, everything at a single place. You can also apply different privacy settings at different parts of the app. It is also very good for drop shipping business.

4. Dropbox

It is not possible to carry all the important business documents with you at all times, at often times you might have to cancel meetings because you didn’t have the relevant documents. In such a situation Dropbox is very useful, it is a simple file management application. It provides cloud storage and file-syncing services that give you instant access to important files.

It also has additional features like you can share documents with your colleagues through links which have expiration dates. After the link has expired they cannot access it. It also provides password protection.  

5. Hootsuite

You might be very familiar with the idea that how much important social media accounts are for marketing. Your business should be successfully running accounts on every popular social media website to increase their reach. Managing so many social media accounts effectively becomes difficult. Which is why Hootsuite gained so much popularity. It is one of the best known social media management tools.

It lets you manage all the social media accounts at one place. It helps you to post and schedule updates & messages, connect with your clients & build better relationships, understand the current needs of the market, review responses, generate insightful social analytics reports and grow your profit levels,

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful website and mobile analytics tool that is available for free. It provides beneficial website insights that help to watch traffic patterns and understand your website’s visitors like why they visited your site, from where did they arrive at your site, topics that attracted most of the attention, whether or not they were converted into customers, assess your sales and conversions. You can also compare your website with your competitor’s website.

7. Genius Scan

In business, there is a lot of important paperwork to manage, digitalization of every document is very important.  Genius Scan app is a very useful business app that is available for free and is used to scan business and personal documents with your phone’s camera.

It can quickly and accurately scan every document. And after that, you can save it in the camera roll or export it to iBooks or email in JPEGs or PDFs format.

The quality of the picture depends on your phone’s camera quality. Also, there is an option for renaming documents for better organization of documents.

8. Evernote

Evernote is a simple tool used for taking notes and syncing apps.  Iy is a place where you can jot down and save your ideas, notes, important voice memos, pictures, file. After that, you can save it on cloud and can access from your smartphone, tablet, laptop.

It is very good when you are always on the move and need the important documents by your side. You can also share your important notes with your business partners and colleagues.

9. Instapaper

You are going through an important piece of news but you are constantly bothered by other news pop-ups? Then Instapaper is definitely the app you need. It provides ‘read it later‘ feature that let you save news at that moment and read it when you have time.

You don’t have to aimlessly surf through the internet. Just create an account and through a web browser save the news which you want to read later on. You can collect all the valuable news together and create a magazine for yourself.

10. Positivity With Andrew Johnson

Many times we want to think positive, believe in ourselves, remain optimistic but we are not able to do so because of the challenges we are facing. Positivity With Andrew Johnson is a very good app to keep you motivated at all times.

You can use early morning before starting your day or after a stressful day at work before going to sleep. The meditation and the deep relaxation exercises fill you will positivity and energy to face the coming up challenges.

Lylene C. 
EMERGE App, Representative

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