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The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate’’ – Oprah Winfrey

When we hear the word celebration the first thing that pops into our mind is fun and frolic, partying, festivity, a gala, a fete, a festival or an achievement.

The last few months have been challenging. It has been challenging not only globally but also internally.  We have had to face many challenges from social distancing, isolation to the fear of the unknown.

I have personally found that my challenge has been witnessed when my mind and heart did not, at times align.  As my logic was overpowered by my emotions. Some of the emotions I experienced was a result of situations that were out of my control. Some areas I continue to work on and some I had to surrender and let go!

And now it is finally December, not just any December,’ December 2021’. Time to celebrate you, your life, your journey, your spirit, your perseverance and your resilience. 

In short, you survived your survival challenge!

My experiences in 2021 have led me to think and understand the meaning of how every single day is valuable and priceless. So the question arising  is 

How would it feel like to celebrate your journey in life rather than just the outcome?

Feels light! Feel Free! Feels Great! Yes! So, then let’s celebrate…

 Our struggles  – Our triumphs – Our fears – Our joys – Our adventures – Our learnings –               Our support system – Our power to choose – The Art of Forgiveness  – The Art in showing Gratitude The Art in Giving 

Few of the many things I practice to celebrate and experience ….

–       Focus on ME’– This doesn’t not make me selfish, however in fact the opposite. If I have invested some time in putting myself first on my list of life, made time to follow my passions and things that put a smile on my Iips, I approach situations and people with compassion and empathy, as I am at peace with myself and feel joy.

–       Make time and space in your life for family and friends – Spending time with loved ones, friends or family puts a smile on everyone’s face. Going down memory lane with an old school buddy or reminiscing over childhood tales make you reconnect with yourself.  It helps us to realise we are cared for and also gives us a chance to show our loved ones we are there for them.  

–    Show Gratitude – Be thankful and show gratitude towards everything in your life. Gratitude for love, joy, achievements and also gratitude for learning when times are tough.  Say thank you to those who supported you on your journey through life. Say thanks to the sun and moon. Show gratitude for everything.  Start a gratitude journal or a jar.

–     Smile – A smile costs nothing but it can uplift you. ‘Smiling is the best way to face every problem, to crush every fear and to hide every pain.’- Unknown

–    Set intentions – Setting an intention is like putting out a thought, mantra, prayer or a manifestation of how you want your day or an event to turn out or how you want to be. It’s like your breathe …you cannot live without it

–    ‘Patience is the mother of all virtues’ – This is so very true. Patience is the key to zen.  It takes the edge away. You cannot control everything in your life or plan things to the minutest of details. Life rarely happens as per planned. Breathe, think of different ways of approaching the same situation, learn to adapt and be flexible. Take a step back and say it’s okay. Trust the process and take the learnings.

–     Be Creative – Journal your thoughts and feelings. Be creative. Write a poem to celebrate you, create a piece of artwork or just experience the power of words. Write a movie script of how you like your life to be or on how your life has been. Magnify and amplify all the joys and tears.  Celebrate everything as it has happened to you.  It all matters.


Bhavya – CPCC / ACC

About the Author Bhavya Arora

Bhavya is a Career Growth Coach / Personal Development Coach / Transformational Life Coach. She helps busy go-getters rebalance their life, personal as well as professional, so they feel fulfilled instead of empty. Through coaching, she provides them support to work through overwhelming emotions and counter-productive behavior patterns which have been holding them back. She believes ''You can reach your maximum potential while enjoying the rewards of a balanced life.'' When asked why being a life coach is so important to her, she answers confidently '' I’ve walked in your shoes. I know how it feels when life is off-balance. Burnouts, stress, anxiety, procrastination, lack of confidence & fear of failure have all held me back. My vision seemed millions of miles away- Just A Dream!, So that's my Why? Why I do what I do! She says she has no regrets about life whatsoever. Nor should you!

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