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Relax with Reiki

Relaxation is a key component of achieving a good work-life balance and I currently have the extremely hard job of bringing you a variety of tried and tested methods that can help you to regain an emotional equilibrium in your life. As amazing as short breaks can be for finding your inner peace and escaping from the troubles of real life they are not necessarily something we can do on a regular basis, so this week I have been trying a treatment closer to home, Reiki.


Reiki is a Japanese technique that is used to heal and relax individuals. It is believed to work by using a process called “hands on healing” where the therapist can channel energy from their palms to the patients.  A sessions lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour, an appointment that can easily be slotted into the busy life’s of business women up and down the country.


This was my first experience of Reiki and I wasn’t sure what to expect. In honesty I was a little nervous and thought it sounded a bit strange but from the minute I arrived my Reiki master, Jo, put me at ease. She explained the process and made sure I was comfortable and her professionalism quickly put me at ease. As I lay on the bed and closed my eyes I was acutely aware that Jo was standing beside me, hands hovering over me and wondered what we must look like. It took about 5 minutes before I totally relaxed and forget anyone else was in the room but once I did I felt the weight of the world lift from my shoulders and my mind seemed to open up and for 45 minutes I was physically unable to worry or stress about any of life’s problems as my mind was wondering through a maze of colours and shapes taking me on a journey of random thoughts.

Reiki is one of the hardest treatments I have had to review especially because I am told that everyone’s experiences differ, some people see colours, some feel their bodies move and some feel a palpable heat coming form their therapist but everyone I have spoken to has the same end result, a feeling of total relaxation.

At the end of the session Jo slowly brings you round from the relaxed state and talks through your experience with you. She explains where your hot spots were and where she believes your body needed healing, with no previous knowledge of my medical history Jo was very accurate. She then tells you what she saw during the session, if anything, and what it may mean, sometimes letters, names, messages or symbols all being delivered by the angels and she assures me they never deliver bad news. The messages that came through for me where again surprisingly accurate and a little unnerving on the first session but by the second session I couldn’t wait to hear what had come through.

As I write this review I know that for some of you reading it there will be eye rolling and funny looks and three weeks ago I would have joined you but having had two sessions now I can honestly say that I have never felt so relaxed and so separated from my worries and my anxieties as I do during the Reiki sessions and I urge you to try it. Maybe it wont be for you, or maybe like me, you will find a whole new world that you didn’t know existed, a way of escapism and relaxation that can heal the body and the mind simultaneously.


Reiki is becoming increasingly popular with many spas, beauticians and even hospices offering it. If you haven’t already tried it then do, what have you got to lose? Go with an open mind and prepare to be surprised and if you are based near Liverpool or Chester then I highly recommend Reiki Master Jo Thompson from souled in love.


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