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My journey with work experience

My school first offered work experience for November 2021, but what they didn’t realise was just how difficult it would be for us to actually find a placement.

At this time Covid-19 was still very present in our lives and many people were still working from home. If that wasn’t enough, many places didn’t offer work experience for year 10s, only those in sixth form and those over 18.

Believe me when I say I wasn’t the only person who was struggling to find people willing to take on a teenager in the middle of their school year! However, our careers advisor, who we are very lucky to have, recognised that most people weren’t back in the office yet and moved our dates forward. By this point I had found a placement thanks to my mum helping me look, so I was admittedly disappointed, as I was looking forward to the experiences I would gain.

I was originally looking for law firms and newspapers as I wanted to either be a lawyer or a writer. I was lucky to find Nicole who is a brilliant writer.

New dates

We didn’t hear about work experience from school for a few more months and some even thought we weren’t going to participate anymore. However, in March the careers advisor told us of the new work experience dates, which transpired to be the last week of school. Naturally, this caused an uproar as we were missing our last ever sports day; not that I was affected by this as I am not a very sporty person I must admit, as well as the fun activities our school had planned.

More Hunting

Time passed by and I was back to emailing multiple companies again asking if they had placements available. Many companies still had staff working from home, but my mum came to my rescue again and suggested emailing the person who originally offered to take me on, which I did. We worked out the details and the forms for her to fill out were on their way. I’ve been very lucky with my placement. We originally found Nicole online, she is very accommodating easy to get on with and generally lovely.

Nicole is an amazing ghost-writer and writing coach. She has her own book on how to write blogs which is very helpful, and she gives spectacular advice.

The time rolled around where forms had to be handed in and the school had to know which student was going were. Sadly, at that point many of my peers didn’t have a placement. Some claimed they were emailing places and nearly had a place, some were struggling. This was an issue for many, and my careers advisor was determined to on get everyone a place as it was about the experience itself and the skills we could gain. She searched far and wide and found places for people which was incredibly helpful and resulted in the majority of my year having placements.

Summing up

I am now currently near the end of my work experience and the week has been amazing. I have learned many skills and have had fun whilst doing so. There are many benefits that come with this experience – from the skills I have learnt, to the opportunities I have been given.

 I was able to expand my network as Nicole also introduced me to other businesswomen, one of which resulted in my writing blogs for a businesswomen’s website and being interviewed on the radio.

One piece of advice I would offer for work experience during hot, summer months – take a fan!

For those who ever have trouble finding a placement, remember that if a place is offered, accept it, even if it’s not what you want to do as a career, as the skills you’ll learn will still be invaluable. Use the internet, it’s your best friend here, and see if your family has friends who could help.

Do your research on the company and make sure you ask to meet them before your first day. This shows your professionalism and also the effort you are prepared to make.

Last of all, have fun!

About the Author Cerys Thomas

I’m a year 10 student now and I was a year 8 when the first lockdown started. I enjoy reading, writing, baking with my mum and picnics with my friends. I was someone who struggled with some parts of lockdown at first however I enjoyed lockdown overall and I would like for you to let me explain my own experiences and feelings of this period of time. I would also like to tell you about the thoughts of my peers. Let’s see what you think.