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My name is Lindsey Fish and my story is similar to millions of other mums across the UK. After having my first child I didn’t want to return to my corporate career, drop a day and take a 20% cut in salary whilst paying for childcare 11 hours a day. So I faced the conundrum of what to do about work once my maternity leave was over.

Fast forward three years and I have a very different story to tell and one which I hope will inspire other parents out there to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. My professional passion has always been organising events ever since I worked for an exhibition organiser as an apprentice upon leaving school, that was 18 years ago.

After having my first baby in October 2013 and facing those challenges about what to do after maternity leave it was then I could hear all around me very similar conversations as I got to know and mix with more parents.  I knew I could do something to make a change and I wanted to connect mums to the support, services and opportunities.

We recently conducted a UK wide survey amongst 1,000 women and the findings revealed that over two thirds of respondents were in relationship where their partner and father of their children was still earning in more income than them. This finding saddens me but the truth hurts sometimes and instead of standing by and watching, its this reality that fires me up.

It doesn’t just stop there either, more detailed insight found that only 5% of women who took part in our survey stated that they did less child care than their partners so that means that there is approximately 95% of mums trying to juggle work with children. Over half of our mums also admitted to feeling stressed or unhappy about the balance of roles and responsibilities.

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report, true gender parity is over 200 years away which means that unless we all start working towards a huge change in mindset now, our children may not even live to see a day where we live in a truly gender balanced society and that is a terrifying thought!

So whilst we know that gender parity was never going to happen overnight, the good news is that across the world women are making positive gains day by day and we are definitely starting to see light at the end of what was once a very long and daunting tunnel!

The key in my humble opinion to driving this change is flexibility, and this isn’t just for women. I think the whole world of work needs to change and I truly believe it will.  The 9-5 it’s just not the way to work anymore, I mean people who work 9-5 don’t really shut off at 5pm.

People work non-stop, especially if they have access to work on their phones and laptops at home. It’s really frustrating and talent is going to be an increasing challenge for UK businesses, to find it and keep it.  Organisations are even now being forced to become more flexible as they recognise that talented people need flexibility.  So job sharing, working from home, flexible hours will certainly become the norm

There is certainly a movement happening right now, we have been around three years and it’s still gathering momentum.  Gender equality, diversity, the gender pay gap and flexible working are topics which make the headlines almost every day and I am very proud to have launched a business which can actually make change happen in the UK.  Mums Enterprise is facilitating this movement, spearheading it even and connecting thousands, if not one day millions of people to the very real, true and genuine opportunities, support and initiatives which are out there for the taking.

This year, our first Mums Enterprise Roadshow will be a one-day event, taking place on Wednesday 20th June at Event City in Manchester1230 TWC MD Jackie Groundsell will be there, running the Speednetworking. Following this, Mums Enterprise Roadshow London will be our first ever two-day event in London in the larger venue; Olympia London which will take place from Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September 2018. We anticipate that 10,500 parents will attend over the two events.

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