We all love the idea of sneaking a peek into someone else’s diary in the hope that we will discover some juicy bits that we had no other way of knowing. Go on admit it if you had the opportunity to delve into the diary pages of that person you admire you would happily grab a drink, sit back and wait for those juicy moments to jump off the page. Whilst I can’t promise that this diary will be as juicy as you imagine that diary would be I can promise that I will share my thoughts, dreams and challenges and as a Personal Brand Strategist I promise you will get tips, tools and strategies to help you Sparkle more brightly. I will also allow you to eavesdrop on some of the conversations with people I meet along the way.

Why should you take notice of anything I have to say? 

Good question! I have decided not to give you a long list of ‘social proof’ as to why my 30+ years of marketing experience, my degrees, my awards, the people I have impacted and the money I have earned etc. etc. This will probably go against the grain of everything you have ever read and been taught but I like to be different!

Instead, I am going to speak my truth share the wisdom of my perspective, the lessons I have learned and the people I have encountered along the way and suggest some calls to action which if blended with your brand of awesome will position you at the gateway of opportunity, so you see through the lens of possibility and reach higher and further than you have done before. And if you have yet to discover just how awesome you are I hope to help you discover, unlock and leverage what you already have in your hand.

Did you know that water is hot at 211° and boiling at 212°?

One degree makes all the difference, and that one degree produces steam and with steam you can drive a train! Where in your business or your thinking could you do with a one-degree shift?

Even with the right tools, the wisdom of experience and strategies for success you will never be able to make that one-degree shift without taking action!

I have to admit that sometimes when I hear people speak about the laws of attraction I want to scream because we only really attract things when we are moving in our thoughts and subsequent actions. I sat in my house shielding for 12 months and I have to say nothing came to me when I was just sitting there, I had to take action to attract the things I wanted into my life and that movement was not about going anywhere it was about being present, about seeing beyond the moment and reaching for my goals.

Having said all of that there is still room for growth in this area. If you are anything like me you have a wealth of ideas, notes you have taken and even projects you have outlined. You are excited and inspired but if you are being completely honest, you’ll admit that you have been a little short on the action required to make those things a reality.

I decided to choose a word for the month and to bring my actions into alignment with that word and I invite you to join me. The word is Implementation and simply means putting a decision or plan into action. I think I’d like to start the Implementation Revolution so that instead of sitting on those ideas, dreams and plans we get up off the proverbial and do something that gives us that one degree shift from hot to boiling and has an impact on the people we are here to serve.

What are you sitting on that you know could yield some great results if you took action?

Let me know and I will hold you accountable for getting it done. Action can be broken down into three words ‘ACT. I ON’. What are you waiting for?

For a little extra incentive, I see Implementation is:

  • The antidote for despair
  • The prescription. For success
  • Evidence of your Sparkle

I look forward to hearing about your actions and celebrating, your successes – please bring cake.

About the Author Carole Pyke

My name is Carole Pyke and I love things that Sparkle. I am making it my mission to help women leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself discover and leverage their Sparkle, so they stand out in the crowd, are magnetic to opportunities and become unforgettable in their marketplace. I find inspiration in life’s ordinary moments, and I’ve decided to record these in what I am calling The Diary Of A Personal Brand. I’m inviting you to take a peek and also to eavesdrop on the conversations I have along the way. As a Personal Brand Strategist and two times stroke survivor I promise you it will definitely be Personal Branding Reimagined.