Increase your capacity by knowing your WHY?

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it! 

Simon Sinek got us to sit up and question our lives, our businesses and our leadership when he wrote ‘Start With Why’

As children, we understood the power of why and would question almost every directive that was given to us. We needed to know the reason behind everything before we acted but somewhere along the way we have lost sight of that drive and desire.

Whether we think about it consciously or otherwise why is our driving force. It is the cause or belief that drives every organisation and every career. Here are some of the why questions we have all probably considered at one point or another:

  • Why am I here?
  • Why did I get out of bed this morning?
  • Why does me business exist?
  • Why should anyone care?

Why is at the heart of everything we do, even if we have yet to formulise our why statement. When our why is clear it sets us apart from everyone else, it inspires us to take action, it also inspires others to connect with us. When our why is unclear or lacking strength we are likely to fall at the first hurdle or challenge. That hurdle or challenge then becomes the barrier preventing us from moving forward and justification as to why we are not good enough; why we don’t have what it takes etc. etc

In addition to articulating our mission and purpose, becoming the narrative for our shield of perseverance and resilience, when we know and understand our why our capacity increases.

It empowers us to push boundaries, move mountains and go the extra mile. When our why is strong enough it forces us to dig deeper to discover power, strength, skills, and capabilities we never knew (or forgot) we had. It also enables us to connect more purposefully and profitably with our target audience.

There are stories of mothers who have picked up heavy objects because their son or daughter was underneath. They found strength and determination that in turn expanded their capacity and as such their ability to do something beyond their natural capabilities. Knowing and understanding your why gives you supernatural powers.

Polish your Why

It is good practice to revisit your why (life and in business) from time to time and examine its strength. Check whether it is still strong enough to keep propelling you forward. Is it helping you navigate the journey towards visions realised and goals fulfilled while keeping you going if (when) challenges come your way.

With clarity make sure your Why Statement is updated for yourself and as the narrative to share with your team, your partners, your customers. Your Why Statement is how you communicate your purpose and gives people a reason to care.

Your Why Statement should be:

  • Simple and clear
  • Actionable
  • Focused on what drives you to contribute to the lives of others
  • Expressed in affirmative language that motivates you

Taking direction from Simon Sinek, construct your Why Statement in the following way:

To__________________ So that __________________

The first blank represents your contribution. The contribution you make to the lives of others through your why.  The second blank represents the impact of your contribution.

Simon Sinek’s Why Statement is: “To inspire people to do the things that inspire them so that, together, we can change our world.”

My Why Statement is: “To inspire and empower women globally to be more of who they are called to be So that together we make the world a brighter place.”

What’s your Why Statement?


About the Author Carole Pyke

My name is Carole Pyke and I love things that Sparkle. I am making it my mission to help women leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself discover and leverage their Sparkle, so they stand out in the crowd, are magnetic to opportunities and become unforgettable in their marketplace. I find inspiration in life’s ordinary moments, and I’ve decided to record these in what I am calling The Diary Of A Personal Brand. I’m inviting you to take a peek and also to eavesdrop on the conversations I have along the way. As a Personal Brand Strategist and two times stroke survivor I promise you it will definitely be Personal Branding Reimagined.