Are you feeling the Identity Pinch?

 Identity Pinch (adjective)

The moment your internal alarm indicates there is more to you/your brand/your business than you have settled for, but you are unsure what that means or what to do about it.

They say the most asked questions in the world are: Who am I? and Why am I here? These questions challenge us and often become stumbling blocks on our journey through life.

As I approached June and the 2nd anniversary of my post stroke relaunch, I was feeling a little out of sorts. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but, I jokingly said I was having an identity crisis!

When I left hospital in 2019, I was unclear who the girl in the mirror was, so this made perfect sense!

What I discovered was so much more and got me thinking how many of us are having what I am now calling an ‘Identity Pinch’.

When an item of clothing is too tight, we know we have put on weight, but there is no standard way to measure your personal growth (if you have a measuring tool please share). Sometimes we are unaware that we have outgrown situations, ways of thinking, people, environments etc. I am wondering whether some of the overwhelm or confusion we face along the way can be attributed to this.

My pre stroke title ‘The Personal Brand Storyteller’ no longer fit comfortably my Sparkle was missing from it.

The Sparkle Navigator

Today I’d like to introduce you to The Sparkle Navigator, I’m still all about the personal brand and the power of story but I’m also embracing my Sparkle zone of genius. The change will not be immediately visible to the outside world, that change is internal. The world will, however, experience the change through my increased impact, influencel and of course, they will experience my energy and my Sparkle.

Water is hot at 211° and boiling at 212°, with that 1 degree you create steam and steam can drive a train. Pause for a moment and look more closely at your brand, your business, your target audience and ask yourself two questions:

  1. What changes or growth have taken place?
  2. How can I use what I have discovered to add that 1°?

Every experience we have provides us with a powerful opportunity to increase our value add to every situation we find ourselves in. Armed with this new found wisdom here are some further questions to consider:

  1. What is your plan of action?
  2. How are you going to leverage this new wisdom as value add to the people you are here to serve?

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About the Author Carole Pyke

My name is Carole Pyke and I love things that Sparkle. I am making it my mission to help women leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself discover and leverage their Sparkle, so they stand out in the crowd, are magnetic to opportunities and become unforgettable in their marketplace. I find inspiration in life’s ordinary moments, and I’ve decided to record these in what I am calling The Diary Of A Personal Brand. I’m inviting you to take a peek and also to eavesdrop on the conversations I have along the way. As a Personal Brand Strategist and two times stroke survivor I promise you it will definitely be Personal Branding Reimagined.