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How to create abundance in 2017

A new year starts bringing new opportunities, new exciting goals and… money worries!

Money worries are quite unhelpful actually because the time and energy that you spend worrying you could spend being productive and/or creating something amazing.

My husband and I were watching a film over the weekend based on the story of the pioneer rap group called NWA

They film was about how they went from playing music that they didn’t really fancy in other people’s bands or clubs to creating their own single which was immediately a hit.

They’ve created something from nothing: One day they had an idea, the next day they had a song which went on to ignite their global career.

That is the power of creativity.

‘What does that has to do with me?’ I hear you ask.

Well, where do you think creativity comes from…?

Clarity of mind allows you to come up with ideas that create value to your clients and solutions for your money problems.

Your feelings don’t know about your money situation

Finances can be scary, especially if you have been postponing dealing with it for a while.

They may result in overwhelming thoughts and stomach revolting feelings but it doesn’t need to be like that.

The reason I say that is not to comfort you, it is because these feelings do not reflect the reality of your financial situation.

How do I know that?

Well because if you haven’t been tracking your figures you most probably don’t even know the reality of your financial situation.

These feelings are simply a reaction to the dreadful scenarios that you are rehearsing in your head.

That is how the mind works: your thinking something and your mind makes you feel that in your body.

We are all the time feeling our thinking, that is the mind’s job.

Get a grip

The only way for you to know your financial situation is to track your figures.

Create a system to record your business ins and outs so you can have clarity on:

– Whether your business model is working

– If you are making a profit

– How much debt you have

– If you are paying yourself enough

– Where your money is going

Here is a blog I wrote about how to track your figures: How to Track Your Business Money

You don’t need to create abundance

“We don’t create abundance. Abundance is always present. We create limitation.” Alnold Patent

All you have to do in order to create abundance in your life is to see things clearly.

You have an innate capacity for creativity and innovation and the less over-thinking and worrying the more space you will have in your mind for that.

Therefore money worrying is a waste of time, so instead of worrying, find out what the issue really is and deal with it.

Using your innate capacity that you have for intuition, leadership and creativity decide what your next step is… then go and do that!

Here is to an abundant 2017 for you!

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Morena Russell

Morena Russell is a Profit Strategist and she helps mums entrepreneurs to create the structures and systems in their business so they can hit their financial goals month in and month out.
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