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How to create abundance in 2017

A new year starts bringing new opportunities, new exciting goals and… money worries! Money worries are quite unhelpful actually because the time and energy that you spend worrying you could spend

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4 Habits Of A Highly Profitable Business

No matter how successful you are in making sales and providing an amazing service. If you want to have a profitable business you need to make profit a priority because there are always things to spend

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inconsistent income

How To Manage Your Money When You Have Inconsistent Income?

As an entrepreneur you probably have experiences the ups and deep downs in your cash flow. Inconsistent income is the rule unfortunately… The good news are: there is a simple solution to that! All

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growth strategy

Need a growth strategy for your business?

Have you got a growth strategy for your business? Other than setting your goals once a year? Don’t worry if not! I won’t tell. Plus I think this is natural… I don’t know about

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How a finance system for your business can help you to double your profit

Want to double your profit next year? If our business is growing you need to start putting a finance system together. Not paying yourself enough and huge ups and downs in your cash flow are symptoms that

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How use marginal gains to increase your profit

If you want to increase your profit you need to be paying attention to is the concept of Marginal Gain. It is the idea that if you identify the elements that influence your business profit and set yourself

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Business goals

How to achieve your business goals

Of course you want to increase your business goals but what does that mean in practice…? I have always been a dreamer and I love creating vision boards and coming up with fabulous ideas. What I struggled

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