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Write your book

Changing directions? Write your book now

If you are planning to change direction, there are many reasons why you should write your book first. Life, like careers and businesses, do not always go to plan. However, when you write your book, you

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Writing: Putting words to the music

Putting words to the music

더임파서블 Writing is an important practice for business leaders and entrepreneurs, it has a value way beyond all the practical business benefits of establishing expert authority, increasing discoverability

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Ovecoming Job Loss with Janice Haddon

Losing a job can be hard. When a company or organisation enters a period of transition, major changes can be swift: restructuring, new approaches, a change of personnel and, unfortunately, as is often

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Dear Angelina Jolie, about that divorce… #Brangelina

I’m sorry to read that your marriage to Brad Pitt is over. Truly I am. After a 10 year relationship, 6 children together and surgery of the rather extensive kind… you’ve both been through

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What Seth and Ron taught me about streaking

In common parlance, a streaker is someone who strips naked and runs – usually very fast, hence the use of ‘streaking’ – across a public space for reasons best known to themselves Detective Pikachu.

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The new Himalayan face mask from The Body Shop

Going for a facial can be a lovely indulgent treat but not necessarily something that can be done last minute or on a regular basis so having some luxurious products at home is a must Download grand chase

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9 reasons that your webinar sucks

9 reasons why your webinar sucks

It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about a webinar or online program. In fact, it’s a long time since I made an online course or ran a webinar. The reason is Iit all felt a little jarring and

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