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Writing: Putting words to the music

Putting words to the music

Writing is an important practice for business leaders and entrepreneurs, it has a value way beyond all the practical business benefits of establishing expert authority, increasing discoverability and building

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Ovecoming Job Loss with Janice Haddon

Losing a job can be hard. When a company or organisation enters a period of transition, major changes can be swift: restructuring, new approaches, a change of personnel and, unfortunately, as is often

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Dear Angelina Jolie, about that divorce… #Brangelina

I’m sorry to read that your marriage to Brad Pitt is over. Truly I am. After a 10 year relationship, 6 children together and surgery of the rather extensive kind… you’ve both been through

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What Seth and Ron taught me about streaking

In common parlance, a streaker is someone who strips naked and runs – usually very fast, hence the use of ‘streaking’ – across a public space for reasons best known to themselves. Maybe they’re

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The new Himalayan face mask from The Body Shop

Going for a facial can be a lovely indulgent treat but not necessarily something that can be done last minute or on a regular basis so having some luxurious products at home is a must. After a stressful

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9 reasons that your webinar sucks

9 reasons why your webinar sucks

It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about a webinar or online program. In fact, it’s a long time since I made an online course or ran a webinar. The reason is Iit all felt a little jarring and

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Motivate Yourself

The book that changed my life – Motivate yourself by Andro Donovan

Another book I adored working on is Motivate Yourself by Andro Donovan. Andro is one of the most ‘motivating’ as you would expect, women I have ever met. All wrapped up in a beautiful, caring soul. Andro

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