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Five Ways to Overcome Shyness Before a Big Meeting

Even the most self-confident among us can experience pre-meeting jitters, especially if it’s a particularly important meeting or there will be lots of eyes on us.  Shyness can not only lead to embarrassing

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6 mistakes to watch out for when designing your collateral

Having worked as a designer for over 20 years I’ve seen clients and potential clients make all sorts of mistakes when creating their marketing materials. Here are 6 of the most important ones, ones that

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20 Reasons why you need to stop stressing about Business Success: 

The stresses of business success are simply not in the same category as some of the horrible and sad things that can happen to us in life, serious illness, loss of a loved one for example. We chose to

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We spend more time planning our holidays than our businesses!

It’s that time of year again … holidays. I always use a trusted travel provider, she, like us has her own business and I want to support her, but I use her services for a deeper reason. To take the

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Affiliate Amazon FBA Review: Your Insider Guide to This Program

You may have used e-commerce giant Amazon’s FBA – or Fulfillment by Amazon – service to sell your products. However, as much as Amazon’s FBA service lets you earn some money in exchange for letting

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7 strategies to explain a career gap

How to deal with your career gap effectively A career gap is not something you can hide from recruiters, but nor should you. Here are seven strategies you can take to explain and enhance your career gap.  Even

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The Pros and Cons Of Franchising Your Business

If you’ve started a business and see it grow to be quite a profitable venture, one of the many considerations you can have for its future growth is to expand it as a franchise. Of course, this is

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