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Could you cut plastic microbeads from your beauty regime?

Before I started writing about beauty products I didn’t give much consideration to the items that I bought. I was mostly swayed by the special offers or the free gifts but as I have got older and (hopefully) a little wiser, I have started to look for products that a) actually work and b) are kind to the skin and the environment. Which is why I love both The Body Shop and Forever Living.


Over the last couple of months there has been a lot of discussion and debate about the use of plastic microbeads in products such as cleansers, exfoliaters and even some toothpastes. These tiny little beads are too small to be filtered out during the water treatment process so flow straight through to the ocean. Here they can become harmful to the sea life who may ingest them.

I was shocked to discover that this was actually a thing, that by simply washing my face and cleaning my teeth I could be harming creatures in the sea. To think that my purchasing habits of a particular brand could have such ripple effects for the wider world made me start looking at what options were actually available. At first I thought it would mean drastic action and home made toothpaste for the foreseeable and lets be honest, who has time for that? But I was surprised to find out that actually a lot of companies are already using alternatives that include biodegradable beads made from items such as jojoba beads and salt and the best bit was these products were not necessarily more expensive than their dangerous counterparts.

When carrying out my research I looked straight to Forever Living to see what they used as I love their aloe based products. I found that they have an aloe scrub that uses jojoba beads instead of plastic microbeads, so I ordered one straight away.

I have now been using this scrub for three weeks and I love it. It feels so gentle on my skin and leaves it looking radiant and clear. The added bonus is I have piece of mind that in some little way I am helping our environment and if everyone made small changes then maybe just maybe, we can make a big difference.


You can shop the Forever living range here


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