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4 Reasons To Base Your Start-Up In Cardiff

Determining where to base your start-up is a big decision, and one that you shouldn’t make lightly.

In many ways, where you are can greatly determine who you are. The same principle is true of your business. In one country you may receive significant tax breaks, and on the other side of their border, you might find that what you’re selling isn’t legalised or even of interest to anybody. Therefore, your start-up could well live or die depending on precisely where you situate it.

Cardiff is as good a place as any. The welsh capital is rife with opportunity, and here’s all the reasons why.

  1. University Excellence

Many businesses should be so lucky to be situated right beside a thriving university.

That’s exactly what you’d get in the Welsh capital, as Cardiff University has an excellent graduate employment record, annually releasing a herd of skilled individuals eager to start their careers with a bang. While it’s unreasonable to assume they’ll all be yours for the taking, it’s quite possible that you could secure some fresh, exciting talent on a yearly basis.

Business growth is largely driven by recruitment, and not only that, but onboarding the right staff.       Each hire needs to be a team player and an independent worker in unison, a proven achiever who produces results and not excuses. Time wasters and underachievers could well hold you back, and you’re unlikely to hire either if the employee has come from Cardiff University.

Cardiff University is an educational institution of high repute, and only people who’ve worked hard and proven themselves gain places there and graduate. Bringing that energy and aptitude into your business can only mean good things moving forward.

  1. Access to Quality Recruitment Companies

Positioning your business in a talent-filled city is one thing, but actually hiring the talent is another beast entirely.  

Fortunately, finding a hardworking recruitment agency in Cardiff has never been easier. Sigma Recruitment put you in touch with the greatest workers in the city, with a 15-year history of delivering this uncompromising service to their clients. They also don’t pluck random candidates out of thin air; instead, they make use of their deep-rooted connections to produce dedicated and dependable interviewees, leading to stronger hires thereafter.

This is the kind of service you need to craft a lean and pristine workforce. There’s no half measures or corners to cut, and because this all occurs in Cardiff, it could be a very good reason indeed to base your business right here. You won’t have to ‘hope’ that the right candidate applies eventually – the Sigma Recruitment Agency in Cardiff will present them to you within 7 days, guaranteed.

  1. Urban Quality of Life

Some cities can be dour places, perhaps underfunded in their mission to bring joy to people’s lives.

Cardiff is immune to such discrepancies. An article from 2015 published by Wales Online notes that “one of the key attractions to any business is the quality of life within an urban area”, championing Cardiff as a great place to both live and work. They go on to list things like a thriving start-up scene being rooted in the city, in addition to exciting plans to build a metro as being instrumental to corporate success in the area.

Of course, this article is somewhat old now, but the point resonates today; Cardiff is a city that generates investment, excitement, and opportunity. An active cityscape means success can be found around any and every corner therein, so this could be a great reason as to why you could situate your firm here.

No matter your niche, you’re never out of place in Cardiff either. You could open a humble healthy foods shop beside a state-of-the-art gym, or a custom accessory store for gadgets adjacent to the shop that sells devices. There is always a market here for anything you do, and there’s a real appetite for growth and innovation in a thriving city. Cardiff is that in spades.

  1. Historical Innovation

Cardiff is famed for many achievements, which is great for business of all shapes and sizes.  

For example, in 2019, Cardiff reportedly blazed the trail for UK facial recognition technology, helping newer ideas be realised fully and practically. Put simply, this is a city where history is made with a bold entrepreneurial spirit, which may in turn inspire other tech start-ups onto the scene. After all, trails are meant to be followed and the world of tech is a big one. A success for one means opportunity for many.

Even if you’re not leading a tech start-up, it might be enough to know that there is a precedent for success stories here anyway. A city that pioneers is one to be fully immersed in and taken seriously, and to be situated here means you’re ‘on the map’ both literally and figuratively. It provides status and credibility via association, two things that should not be perceived lightly. If you can say that your business is based in Cardiff, you’re also telling customers and clients that you know what you’re doing in turn.

Author: Isabella Goode

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