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What’s A (Decent) Girl To Wear?… What Banning The Burkini Is Really Telling Us

In France steps have been taken to prevent Muslim women from wearing their Burqa in public – this has already started to be implemented in certain regions (so far 15 towns, including Villeneuve-Loubet just outside Nice), with the laws likely to be rolled out to other areas soon.  The French Government are citing their move to becoming a Secular Nation as reason for this, but what does banning the Burkini really tell us?

On Wednesday the first news stories of women being fined for wearing their Burkini to the beach started to filter through our media. More than one thing jumped out at me from the pictures and the article….

The woman wasn’t wearing a Burkini

as I read through what the press were sharing it quickly became apparent that what women were being fined for, and forced to remove, was a whole array of clothes.  One woman was forced to take off her tunic and leggings.  For those linking this clothing to security it may be worth mentioning here that none of the pictures I’ve seen have shown women with their faces covered in any way.

The police involved were carrying guns

BIG guns, that looked pretty scary to me.  As I read through I was quite honestly shocked to find out that these women had, had children with them, and had also been threatened with pepper spray if they did not comply.

The ticket issued with the fine read that she was not wearing ‘an outfit respecting good morals’

 where have we heard this before?screenshot of woman at reclaim the night

I was immediately reminded of all the other occasions we are told that what a woman is wearing is in some way immoral, or lacking in self-respect.  Or provocative. Or unsightly.  Or not discreet enough. Or asking for it.  Or too tight.  Or not weight appropriate.  Not forgetting age appropriate.  Or business appropriate…

In a year where the news has been filled with University students getting suspended sentences for rape offences against female students who were wearing short skirts. Where we’ve also heard of women being sent home from work for not wearing high 2016-08-25 20.59.54enough heels, and our social media regularly reminds us that women are anticipated to cover up even when trying to feed their baby in public.  Where we are even anticipated to remove all body hair before hitting the beach, it is apparently now poor morals to wear too much clothing…

Banning the Burkini tells us that it’s okay to attempt to control, manipulate, and degrade women for what they wear – and that a lot of people will see it as okay to manipulate this to fit their agenda.

I’ve posted a few times about this on my personal Facebook today, and have been pretty dismayed to have been trolled by a few people I don’t even know trying to share their racist opinions about it all.  But I’ve also seen friends raise points that seem to support the ban and the way it’s being implemented.  My take on it all is…

This has nothing to do with security – these women are highly unlikely to be hiding a bomb up their knicker leg – even if their knicker leg is a lot bigger than mine.  Their faces are fully visible, and if anything while the police are enforcing this ridiculous law they are missing out on doing any ‘proper’ policing.

2 wrongs don’t make a right – Yes I totally agree that women are not always treated well in other areas of the world (eg Saudi Arabia), and that there are some factions and groups that disrespect women (eg ISIS), but this does not make it okay for France to do the same.  All good leaders lead by example.

If we allow our decisions to be ruled by fear then the terrorist have already won – there is one thing alone that terrorists look to create, and that is terror. The actual word tells us so.

The French are a hurt people, and are lashing out in a way they know they will get away with it – by judging and humiliating women. The terror attacks that France has experienced recently have been absolutely atrocious…. but that is no excuse (see 2 wrongs above).

A great comment on my Facebook today read ‘to this day, a women’s place is in the Burkini Eyeswrong’

Banning the Burkina tells us just that – if a woman tries to fit in with the values of society she is unlikely to be able to do right, for doing wrong.

The goal posts will constantly be moved to create excuses for deep rooted agendas, and way too many people continue to think that’s okay.







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