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Rose oil cleanser from The Sugar Loaf Soap Company – A review

A few months ago I was sent a new rose cleansing kit from The Sugar Loaf Soap Company and you can read all about my first impressions here. I followed the cleanse as directed for four weeks and here is how I got on….

Week 1 – I loved the look of the cleanser, the toner and the oil and couldn’t wait to get started with them. The way they are presented in a beautiful jute bag makes them look exciting and far more interesting than a normal face set.

As soon as I started to use these products I noticed the subtle scent that instantly reminded me of having a facial, so it felt like a mini pamper session at home every evening.

My only problem in the first week was remembering to use the set every night as directed. Normally my face routine is carried out in a morning so this was a little different but on the days when I did remember I was always grateful that I had as my skin felt so soft after use.

Week 2  – By now I was into a steady routine and was starting to get used to using an oil based cleanser, which was a new concept to me. I was also starting to see the changes in my skin as a result. My face felt very soft and smooth to the touch and unlike in week one this was starting to last through the night and into the next day.  My skin was also starting to look a little bit brighter, especially on my cheeks.

Unfortunately, as can be the case with every new skin care routine, the changes did bring out a couple of spots in the second week, which was a surprise as I haven’t really had spots since I was a teenager. However I knew they were just my bodies way of adapting to new products and they were nothing a bit of make up couldn’t get rid of.


Week 3 – The cleanser, toner and oil has become a staple part of my evening routine now and even when I am away from home the kit is so easy to pack in its lovely Jute bag that I always take it with me. The couple of spots I had last week have cleared up and my face looks radiant and feels smooth. I have even started going out the house with little to no foundation on on some days. That is how confident I am with my skin.


Week 4  – I love my skin. It looks brilliant and feels amazing. I have fallen in love with the oil based cleanser and can not imagine going back to anything else. The only issue I have this week is that the products are coming to an end. If you are looking for a new face routine that is made from naturally occurring ingredients and is gentle on the skin then i would highly recommend this set. If you have never tried an oil based cleanser before then again I would urge you to give it a go.


(This set was provided by The Sugar Loaf Soap Company in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.)

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