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Presenting Your ‘Game Face’ for Business

Clients and customers start judging your business right from the moment they first hear your company name 바보들의 행진 다운로드. This judgement never ceases. Humans are inherently hardwired

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What Brexit has taught me about resilience 

The arguments about Brexit have been raging for more than two years.  Even now I have no idea if we are hard Brexiting, Brexiting with a deal, postponing again, voting, delaying or cancelling the whole

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The personal touch…

Building and running a business is hard work.  Most businesswomen are busy.  Let’s face it – people are busy Download the Tweed photo. I’ve done a lot of challenging jobs in my time.  Working

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Networking – Feast or Famine

You’ve recently launched your business and friends have encouraged you to start face-to-face networking. You can’t see the point and are doubtful of its success as you’ve heard from others that it’s

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3 Mistakes Blocking Your Productivity (and what to do about it)

Most of us are on a permanent mission to get more done, and as a Productivity Coach, it’s my job to help you with this mission! In my work, I get to see first-hand the mistakes that people make that

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The law looks set to change to enable a man and woman to become civil partners pmp 게임 다운로드. This is a significant shift from the current position of marriage being the only option for heterosexual

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Did Divorce Day live up to the hype?

 January 7th ksl. The first working Monday of 2019, dubbed ‘Divorce Day’. The media played on the likely onslaught of divorce petitions filed by warring couples that had reached the end of their

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