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PR, Event Organisers, and Product Reviews

We’ve had a conversation about what we’d like to review and write about. We get a fair bit of traffic here, so we don’t pay for products to review. Also reviews take time, the product is tested and utilised fully before we write about it, which means it may take between 4-6 weeks for your review to go online. We can move faster, but it depends on the blogger who’s helping you and what she has in her schedule.

If you don’t know who you’d like to review your product, that’s cool, Jackie usually figures out the best person for the job.

The Birds are located all over the world. We have writers in the UK, the US,  Australia and Africa. We’re happy to attend events that are of interest to women and / or business related. We are usually given press passes and interview space.

Interviews. From time to time we do carry out interviews with business leaders, preferably women but if a man is interesting enough we’d like to interview him too. In the past, Sarah Arrow (previous Birds owner) interviewed Guy Kawasaki and Anthony Robbins. We also interview authors and writers; they work nicely with Angela’s book reviews.

Product Giveaways

From time to time we carry out product giveaways to our readers. Books and clothes are popular, along with tech and gadgets. We’re also happy to review and giveaway online courses for building a better business and other items of interest to women.

We do not do giveaways with coupons, although gift vouchers and Amazon vouchers might work.

These Birds also have requests of things they’d like to review.

Message Jackie[at] with details.

  • Leather Sofa
  • Samsung Galaxy phones or tablets
  • Nosejob
  • Chemical face peel
  • Sparkly high heels

– Jackie,  based in London UK

  • Books – business, language, new fiction
  • Technology/tools for education
  • Online courses
  • Home-educating materials/resources

Angela, based in Cornwall UK

  • books related to fitness, exercise, and nutrition
  • fitness gadgets/gear
  • workout shoes—am hankering for a pair of powerlifting shoes (because you can’t work out in sparkly high heels, whether you’re in London or not)
  • workout clothes
  • online services related to fitness and/or weight loss

Mary, Based in Tennessee, US

  • Orange Porsche Cayman S
  • Black Porsche Cayman S
  • Any Porsche Cayman S
  • Cupcakes
  • Business books

Yolanda, Based in Arizona, US

  • Books – spiritual, consciousness and transformational but not religious….just my preference
  • Holistic retreats/experiences- yoga/meditation/nutrition – can be anywhere in the world…
  • Handbags, clothes and shoes – sparkles, glitter and glamour…well God loves Gucci as well as does this bird
  • Ethical goods, food to furniture…
  • Courses…around being better at business & making money!

Sarupa, Based in London, the UK

  • Concert tickets/CDs – rock/pop punk preferred 🙂
  • 3DS games, preferably platform games or Pokemon
  • Makeup, nail varnish and hair products
  • A pug – a girl can dream, right? ;D
  • iPhone 5c/5s

Amy, based in London, UK