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patricia lynch

Dear Patricia Lynch…

You called a cunt, a cunt today and apparently it’s national news. Good on you. We (women) have tried to take back that word for years. We’ll never own that word, cunt, if people keep getting

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And just when Harold thought it couldn’t get any worse…

He looked down at the head of his brother on the ground. The betrayals you face when you rule a country are seem never-ending, even from the people you trust. “Sire?” The softly spoken words

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the cast of the tomb if it was a film or series

The Tomb: The Fiction Book That Changed My Life

As a teen in the 1980s, finding something that wasn’t Stephen King, or a bonkbuster was pretty tough. Sure, there was plenty of Sweet Valley High to read, or the Survivalist… But Cujo and It

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