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5 Steps to Soothing Your Crying Baby

When your baby cries, one of the first things you want to do is make it stop! While the reasons why a baby cries can get complex (since crying is communication and ensure survival), getting a crying baby

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5 Reasons Why Babies Cry (and What You Can Do)

There’s no doubt about it: a crying baby can wreak havoc on your mental and emotional wellbeing! Parents can feel overwhelmed and helpless. One of the first things that can help is leaning just why

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15 Summertime Health Concerns and How to Prevent Them

Summer is many people’s favorite season, but it brings with it some unique health concerns. What are these, and how can we prevent them? 1 스위시. Heatstroke Heatstroke can happen without much warning.

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Love With Ease: The Modern Woman’s Guide to Dating

I couldn’t be single again Download the scandal. I’d be a dating disaster waiting to happen. I’d want to text and ask if everything is okay when my date was late. I’d break all

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2016 The Year of the Grief Police

All of this, all of social media is meant to make us feel more connected. And we do. We’re  more connected to our politicians thanks to Twitter. Not only can we mock them for their very human fallacies,

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Ovecoming Job Loss with Janice Haddon

Losing a job can be hard. When a company or organisation enters a period of transition, major changes can be swift: restructuring, new approaches, a change of personnel and, unfortunately, as is often

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Dear Angelina Jolie, about that divorce… #Brangelina

I’m sorry to read that your marriage to Brad Pitt is over. Truly I am. After a 10 year relationship, 6 children together and surgery of the rather extensive kind… you’ve both been through

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