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Calling the Kids Home

Your kids have moved out, and you want to find a way to keep the family a part of each other’s lives. Although you may no longer be under the same roof full time, there are ways to keep the family close.

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Buying a Wedding Gift for a Bride-to-Be

When someone you know is getting married, it is great fun to join in the celebrations. Buying a wedding gift is an enjoyable way to get involved in the new couple’s beginnings. Here are some things to

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Bridal Portraits – Shots You Don’t Want to Miss

Bridal portraits are perhaps the most important thing for your wedding. Once it’s over, it’s over and the portraits will be all you have left. If you don’t have your photographer take

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Breaking the Debt Cycle

Hundreds, thousands, even millions of individuals are in debt these days. If you are in debt, the first thing you need to know is that you are not alone. While that may not be an answer to your debt problem,

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Brain Injury Prevention Tips

One accident can cause permanent brain damage in an instant, but there are ways to prevent brain injury. From concussion to aneurysm, here are some tips to avoid brain injury. Wear a Helmet 1. Always

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Brain Food After-School Snacks

When school starts back up again you want your kids on top of their game. And since learning doesn’t end when the school bell rings, keeping it going when they come home to do homework is important.

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Bill Cosby Parenting Advice That We Should Live By

Bill Cosby is a famous and well-loved American comedian, author, actor and educator, among other things. His combination of wit and wisdom makes him a sought-after individual on all kinds of thoughts.

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