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Women Entrepreneurs: Do you know who you are?

Last night I had dinner with an amazing woman entrepreneur who owns an all-women’s CPA company. What do you think the conversation was about? 

We talked about reinventing ourselves and what our patterns of success and letdown are.

Here’s what I know for sure. Women LOVE to help each other, and second, they love to share valuable information in the professional field if it will help other women succeed. That’s what I love about us.

However, women also tend to stop short of what they want because they are having babies, taking care of their families, and running a business that takes up a lot of their time. Nowadays, a huge number of women in business are also the sole providers for their household.

When is there time to know who you are?

Let me rephrase that—if you were asked who you were, how would you answer that question?

Most women answer with what role they are playing.

  • A mom
  • A business woman
  • The wife of Bob
  • A Harvard grad

Very seldom will you hear a woman share what she loves or that she is the DNA of God.
It’s always about what she DOES in life, and this is why we put so much pressure on ourselves.

Women Multitask and Burn Out

If you are going to discover more of WHO YOU ARE, then my suggestion is to let some things go off your plate. You taking care of every detail does not make you more valuable. It makes you a SLAVE.

Being SUPERwoman is a deep-seated role that we are playing, and it’s leading to the destruction of families, happiness, and lovemaking. Women are just TOO TIRED to give anymore, and we have the power to change that.

How To Become More Of Who You Really Are Even When You Have A Lot To Do!

#1 Write a TO DO list every morning and delegate 50% of it to someone else.
I’m serious. If you want to be a fantastic CEO of your own life and have more time to discover what makes you happy, get rid of some things on your list.

Richard Branson once said to my friend that he would never be a BILLIONAIRE because he was too much of a control freak. Learn from the best. Life was not meant to be spent doing it all by yourself. You have options.

#2 Have an ANCHOR for yourself to stay grounded.
This is a daily practice that keeps you IN your vision and connected with your creativity. Women NEED space and sleep to be QUEENS.

The quickest way for you to push people away in your life is to neglect yourself because women, in particular, lose their levelheadedness when they don’t create space for themselves or get enough SLEEP. So make it a daily routine. I like to read A Course Of Miracles, then meditate with my breath.

#3 Schedule More “ME Time” in your life.
This one is priceless for you. Here’s what we do at HeartCore Women (my company). We take the fourth week of every month OFF as a flex week. That’s my time to either rest, play, or do creative work for my mission in the world.

What we have found is that we are rarely RUSHED anymore. My staff gets a very light week of wrapping up with the peace of not having me throwing more things on their plate. 🙂 It’s a good time for all and keeps the mood up in the culture of our lives.

What Can You Do To Allow More Of YOU To Come Through?

With all of that said, what can you do now? My suggestion is to schedule 30 minutes today to answer these questions.

What do I want my life to look like NOW?

What is my to-do list for today? How can I start using my critical thinking skills to delegate 50% of the tasks to someone else.? Don’t get caught up in “I have to do it,” because you don’t. That’s a scarcity tactic that is not just stealing your mind but your money as well.

How can I create a regular routine in my schedule to give myself SPACE?
Feel free to take ours and take the last week of every month to breathe!

Now go spend some time with you –
Before you go, can you take two minutes and let me know what you thought of this article?


Shanda Sumpter
Queen Visionary | HeartCore Women

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