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101 feisty, fun and fabulous women bloggers to follow

women bloggers 2014

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As a lot of my work takes place online it’s nice to follow in the footsteps of other great women.

This years list has a bias toward women who are internet marketers. Why? After being invited to my third conference where all the panels and speakers were men, I came to the conclusion that people think there aren’t any women who can speak with authority on the topic. How wrong could they be? (PS don’t email me asking me to cover one of these conferences if you cannot manage to include a woman).

As always there’s a healthy amount of women with diverse businesses and blogging interests on this list.

So if you are a smart businesswoman, looking to follow other smart business women who happen to market their business online and share blog posts then then this post is for you. I’ll share a variety of links for these wonderful women…. blogs, website, and Facebook profiles and communities. 90% of these women also blog on a regular basis, even if their blog isn’t listed here.

Of course, I’ll have missed off some really smart cookies, it goes without saying, so leave a comment with a link to any great female marketer/ blogger that I’ve not included. Also please note, I don’t include contributors to the site, past or present, it’s just not fair and you know them very well already.

I have help compiling this list. I curate it, collate it and cobble it all together but it’s not entirely my work, and it would be wrong for me to take credit for it. As with a lot of things on Birds, it’s a group effort!

The small print: Usual list post rules apply… this list is in no particular order. No judgement is made on the niches people choose to operate in and no regular contributors to this site, past or present, are included. Yeah I’ve mentioned that twice.

  1. Fellow Essex Gal, Leah Butler-Smith creator of Pulse Notify (with Jovana Sumar) and NLP teacher
  2. Jovana Sumar, co-creator of Pulse Notify and Marketing Gene, based in South Africa. Jovana is also known as the lion lady
  3. Judy Kettenhofen is a copywriter and copy critiquing expert over at
  4. Kimberley Brink from Just Ask Kim, Kim has plugins, training and a blog cram-packed with advice.
  5. Julieanne Van Zyl teaches network marketers who to start their business online and how to promote themselves
  6. Creator of many Kindle products Rachel Rofe, and inspirational internet marketer. Rachel creates and promotes really useful products that help women in all niches from product creation to publishing
  7. Whilst we’re on Kindle checkout Amy Harrop, she’s digs deep into Kindle, Amazon and the opportunities around publishing –
  8. Stephanie Henry, uses video marketing to promote her business. You can find her on G+ here
  9. Poet, digital artist and internet marketer – Tracy Meagher is very creative. You can find her at her blog here
  10. Tea Silvestre, branding and marketing strategist. Also creator of many gamification programs to boost your online marketing skills and  now of the
  11. Kristi Hines writer, blogger, photographer and affiliate marketer
  12. Sugar Rae aka Rae Hoffman affiliate marketing genius and inspiration to many online mums
  13. Nile Flores online service provider to the online marketing stars. Creator of an exciting Genesis child theme product soon to be launched.
  14. Shelley Fishel of the IT Training Surgery shares tips and tricks to be more productive in the workplace.
  15. Andrea Vahl of the Social Media Manager School fame, and co-author of Facebook marketing for dummies
  16. Lucy Whittington helping making businesses internet famous for some time now
  17. Sarah Milne markets cosmetics for a big brand
  18. Sarah Bradden a service provider for social media services
  19. Carly Taylor creator of Ladies of Leverage helping many women get started in their online marketing careers
  20. Bea Solya coaches women, online and at events, to become strong, elegant and wise. Bea’s Hungarian but based in the US, so she’s an internet marketer with a great deal of cultural understanding
  21. P.J Van Hulle of the Prosperity Express fame, and organiser of a 90 day list building challenge
  22. Barb Ling of the famous Perking Up Profits group on Facebook
  23. Shawn Hansen from the will help you get writing again
  24. Sue Fleckenstein is the creator of the Practical PLR group, she also creates content for sale around Amazon and Health topics
  25. Carly Hope, based in Lanzarote Carly helps women create VIP days and trains them how to make more sales although she blogs sporadically, Carly is very active on Facebook in her thriving communities.
  26. Melanie Kissell Melanie is one of the friendliest women online, generous in her comments and shares, she’s really supportive of fellow bloggers and you should go and her to a circle right now.
  27. Sherice Jacob. I love Sherice, not only is she smart, she’s a brilliant blogger with great marketing and traffic insights.
  28. Lianne Carla Savage, another young, feisty female sales entrepreneur whose blog you should go and check out.
  29. Heather Townsend is the business networking queen
  30. Karen Cannard blogger behind the popular rubbish diet and has the slimmest bins ever!
  31. Adrienne Smith is not only an active blogger, she has a thriving Facebook community and Twitter community. I’m sure if I had her in a g+ circle I’d see that she was active their too.
  32. Harleena Singh writes on a variety of topics on her blog from parenting to relationahips, she covers a huge variety of topics.
  33. Dr Martina McGowan, Abundance and Affirmations are the first things that spring to mind when I think of Martina. Blogging with a spiritual twist.
  34. Maquita Herald, based in Hawaii is the blogger I’d most like to visit… an no, honestly Hawaii has nothing to do with it… honest! Marty is also the author of quite a few books and if your life needs inspiration then you need to check her out.
  35. Donna Merrill is an avid networker and passionate about teaching people, especially women, how to make a good living online
  36. Rebekah Radice a social media rising star, who only became an entrepreneur in December 2013! What took you so long!
  37. Jan Gordan, founder of Curatti is another person that you’ve seen on Facebook and Twitter, and now her own site curating and educating content marketers worldwide.
  38. Melissa Stewart, founder of She Owns It, I recently shared a series of guest posts in Melissa’s community, she’s kind, generous and educating women in business. Go check her out too.
  39. Rhi is a business transmogrifier… and she has the best home page ever. If your easily offended don’t click through.
  40. Lisa Alexander blogs at Another Place in Him, she knows her stuff she is also a smart marketer
  41. Becky McCray has a few sites but the one we love the most is small biz survival
  42. Margie Clayman has a blend of business and personal over at she also curates great content and is an avid networker.
  43. Fabulously Broke in the City FB is a female personal finance blogger living in Canada. Interesting, informative, funny. Take a look.
  44. Geek Girlfriends with Christina Tynan-Wood the place for women who like technology but need a little help in keeping up with it all.
  45. Helen Stothard – for her intelligent VA site, helping and assisting VAs everywhere with wise words and helpful advice.
  46. Lisa Parkes all things for keeping a parent sane and a child happy are to be found on Lisa’s blog
  47. Lisa Attias –, Lisa is a food lover and shares her foodie knowledge generously
  48. Sadia Sisay – business woman and founder of BeingU underwear for women of colour
  49. Rosanne Berry of Rosa Lingerie, blogger, social media conversationalist and a fab grandma.
  50.  Freda Muyambo– electrical engineer and mad about African food- blogs about African inspired recipes
  51. Rachel Matthews garden design and all things gardening, blogs, video and successful author
  52. Eliza Anyangwe – Freelance writer contributes to and her own blog is at
  53. Lisa Buben is a webmaster and friend to all bloggers
  54. Eunice Flynn, another chocolate goddess, a thriving Facebook community where all things chocolate are shared.
  55. Minda Magero– Kenyan Poet and writer -conceived the unboxed life
  56. Melissa Esplin – Artist turned Graphic designer. ISLY – Blogging about all things creative. W:
  57. Carolyn Edlund– Artsy Shark, a website for emerging artists – W: 
  58. Jesse Blayne – Writer – thoughtful, real and relevant she posts about life and it is highly relatable.
  59. Sandi Flaviell Amorim – Coach and Instigator tired of ‘someday’ excuses. Personal and real writing to get your teeth into.
  60. Lauren C Gorgo – In depth channellings from the Pleiadian High Council. Extraordinarily insightful understandings for the new energies. Think with your Heart.
  61. Sarah Newton – the supernanny for youths and teens. Sarah’s indepth knowledge is shared with humour and understanding for the problems parents experience.
  62. Julie Hall of Women Unlimited Julie holds regular moxie filled offline meetings showcasing female entrepreneurs as well as blogging about women in business.
  63. Jane Woods blogs over at sharing advice and tips for living a more fulfilled life
  64.  Carole Brown Carole is the chief blogger of several blogs including the fab eco system gardening. She also leads a multi author blog as well and we enjoy exchanging knowledge and tips.
  65. Katie Floyd is a Florida attorney who writes an occasional blog on Mac geekery
  66. Amy Harrison of HarrisonAmy shares the best content marketing videos you’ve ever seen and blogs over at, go check her out.
  67. Ana Hoffman – creator of the Traffic Generation Cafe. Ana’s well travelled and a great example of how women can influence the internet marketing sphere without resorting to shock tactics.
  68. Julie Daley – Julie works as a coach and teacher of Creativity in Business (and other adapted courses) she has varied with the setting, from one-on-one to groups and businesses.
  69. Kayla Coo -An embroidery blog – lovely visual feast of the art embroidery of Michala Gyetvai – the most gorgeous landscapes. 
  70. Jessica Northey, the queen of country music, social media and what she has learned along the way – go check it out 
  71. Liz Plummer’s textile arts blog, where she writes about her creative processes. We love her latest quilted headboard. Also check out her Etsy shop
  72. Julie Bishop with the Job Hop blog and how to use social media to get a job!
  73. Lavonne Ellis the non flakiest flake you’ll ever meet! But I prefer her own description of recovering flake. Shed your flakiness and become more productive.
  74. Andrea Learned – Learned on Women – Andrea shares what businesses can learn from marketing to women
  75. Raena Lynn shares a wealth of knowledge on her blog around network marketing and how to grow your business
  76. Tola Popoola is a lover of chocolate and creator of delicious treats and she shares a lot of it on her blog
  77. Sue Price helps people build home-based businesses with her wisdom and advice.
  78. Barbara Charles is an IT consultant and entrepreneur
  79. Holly Buchanan – Marketing to Women Online Holly also shares how to market to women online, and she talks more than just presentation
  80. Jasmine Platt is a business coach and miracle mentor
  81. Sylvianne Nuccio shares writing and marketing advice, she’ll also help your freelance writing career
  82. Dee Ankary has broken free of her cubible and is now a moonpreneur and author of several books
  83. Coree Silvera – Market Like A Chick the home of controversial marketing conversation
  84. Angela McCall shares her words of marketing wisdom over on G+
  85. Cigdem Kobu and her delightful reader’s nook
  86. Ali Meehan and the Costa Women, you will find out some more fabulous bloggers in Spain in a few days when Maya shares her post.
  87. Sarah Varcas and her Astro Awakenings
  88. Angie Em is the queen of Fiverr and can show you a thing or to about Fiverr gigs!
  89. Jessie Kahnweiler is a movie maker whose meet my rapist was covered on just about every feminist blog on the planet.
  90. Helen Philpot see below
  91. Margaret Schmechtman. Helen and Margaret have been best friends for 60 years and now they blog together with the help of their grandson.
  92. Stephanie Holland – She-conomy – Funny, witty and the  list you do not want to be on! Stephanie educates marketers how to market to women and not look an idiot at the same time.
  93. Michele Miller of Wonder Branding. I think the name just says it all!
  94. Laura Walker of A Wandering Sole, a lover of Africa and her blog is just one of the most amazing travel blogs that you’ll find.
  95. is a great concept of women in a local area blogging together and raising their profiles.
  96. Anita-Clare Field and is a food blog that’s become incredibly popular in less than a year
  97. Nomad Mom is a mom blogger that isn’t afraid to share just about everything with her audience, as well as winning awards the author is a marketing professional.
  98. Vicki blogs parenthood, style and film over at
  99. The Little Pink Book shares blog posts with women who are interested in business as well as the beautiful things in life
  100. Mavis Amankwah is a PR expert and motivational speaker you can find her blog posts and videos at
  101. Erika Watson is the editor of Prowess where women come together to share their business expertise.

women bloggers 2014

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