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With minutes to spare

Phew! If you are reading this then I made it JUST. I am sharing this so we can all hopefully learn from my mistake. Luckily I believe this is the best possible way to learn – from our mistakes and what better to learn from someone else’s as you don’t even have to experience the stress of it going wrong for yourself first time around.

So I simply didn’t have time to write this post before I left for my holiday.  It was on my list for the week prior to leaving but I ran out of time. What I should have done was stay up later, get up earlier and just get it done. Instead I decided to take a chance. I had full accountability in place so knew I would do it but just couldn’t do it before I left. The holiday cottage I am staying in said it had wi-fi so I thought to myself “lets leave it for Monday/Tuesday evening and I can do it then when I am all relaxed” I had wi-fi in the cottage on the Saturday and Sunday but come Monday morning it had dropped out. The internet had stopped working. We spent much of our time resetting, rebooting and restarting but no joy. We had no internet. Disaster!

Now perhaps this holiday cottage is teaching me that holidays are for switching off and “telling me off” for coming away with a to-do list. That we all need to switch off and to take work away on holiday should not be done. My innocent “it would take 1 hour” has turned into a couple of days of stress because I didn’t want to let anyone down so HAD to get this done. I am therefor writing this offline and will be leaving early to sit in a cafe with wi-fi ( hopefully!) so I can publish it with minutes to spare.

So I am sharing this with you so you do not make the same mistake. He is what you can learn:

1. Do WHATEVER you can to clear the workload and to-do list before you go on holiday so you can fully relax. Don’t take things with you.

2. Don’t make assumptions that things will work as they should and leave things to the last minute based on that assumption. It will normally go wrong!

Life has a habit of throwing us curve balls and those balls are normally designed to teach us valuable lessons. I know I have learnt LOADS from this experience and hope you can too.

I just have everything crossed that i find a wi-fi cafe in this tiny seaside town in Suffolk and that I can make this live before my deadline 🙂

Fingers crossed,


PS: the other thing I have learnt is the power accountability to someone else. I didn’t want to let someone down so have moved mountains whereas if this was for my blog I may have been more relaxed and just accepted it could not be done and that I could make up to my readers when I am back from my holidays. If something is important then make yourself accountable to someone you don’t want to let down!

Victoria Casebourne

Victoria is an ex-computer scientist who went on to build a creative business to 6 figures twice while having a baby break in between. Visit for free training and resources helping mums break up with the 9-5 and build a life on their terms.