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Why A Press Release Could Be The Secret Weapon You Never Knew You Needed

about-dina-behrman-4Have you thought about sending out a press release about your business but not got round to it? Or perhaps you think your business just isn’t ‘newsworthy’ enough to warrant one?

Think again. As far as getting the word out about your business is concerned, a press release is the secret weapon you never knew you needed.

A press release is an affordable tool, yet done right can yield really powerful results.

So what exactly is a press release? Well, it’s a written document that lets journalists know about your story. You include all the important information about your story in the release, then distribute it to different media outlets. If they like what they see, they will print an article about it.

But what’s my story?

…I hear you ask. Your story is simply the ‘hook’ that you use to tell journalists why they should be writing about you and your business. It’s the thing that shows them the newsworthiness of your business. And trust me, for the right publications, your business is newsworthy.

So why is the humble press release so darn fantastic? Well, a well-written press release, sent out to the right journalists, can literally do wonders for your business. And here’s why…

  • Get publicity for free! (or for not much money at all)
    Write a press yourself, or hire a freelance PR to write one for you, and your only investment is time and/or a not-too-large amount of money. Result.
  • One size fits all
    A press release will work for you whether you’re a sole trader, a start-up, an SME or a big company. So whether you’re telling the world about your new line of knitted tea cosies on Etsy, or informing them about your company’s buy-out by a Fortune 500 firm, a press release will do the job.
  • Go multi-media
    You can tailor your press release for a whole host of different media outlets. That means your press release can be sent to great, big, national newspapers, as well as tiny, little local ones. You can also send it out to consumer magazines, trade mags, specialist publications, radio and TV stations, digital media – the possibilities are endless.
  • Boost your expert status
    With the right press release, you can show off your knowledge and expertise and use the resulting coverage to position yourself as an authority in your field.
  • Create brand awareness
    You can use a press release to get your business name ‘out there’, which helps with building your brand. It’s also a way for people to get to know exactly what your business is about and what you stand for.
  • Build a buzz about your biz
    A press release can get people talking about your business – for all the right reasons. And appearing in the press will keep you front of mind amongst potential clients. Nice.
  • Better SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
    As well as sending out press releases to traditional media outlets, why not seek out press release distribution sites and publish your release online, too? If you include an embedded anchor text link to your website you’ll benefit from a good back-link which will help your SEO.


Dina Behrman

Dina Behrman is a communications expert with more than a decade's experience in journalism, writing for national publications such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, Mail on Sunday, Daily Express, and many of the women's magazines. Her DIY PR coaching packages and products help small business owners and entrepreneurs to get publicity for their businesses. Subscribe to her weekly ezine and receive her free report 7 Secrets To Generating Amazing Publicity For Your Business.