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Who the hell is Kenneth Tong?

Apparently he is an ex Big Brother contestant, who had a  girlfriend called Karly. Not an avid fan of reality TV, he is completely off my radar. But he is on the radar of my beautiful size 10-12 (US size 6- 8. ) daughter. She is 15, and she has heard about a pill that can shrink you 3 dress sizes in 3 weeks.

But back to Kenneth, apparently he is a playboy from Hong Kong and he is currently trending on Twitter for his comments regarding weightloss. It seems he is a fan of something called “managed anorexia”. Yes, you read that right, managed anorexia.

Apparently we have no excuse to be overweight, anorexia is manageable…

Let’s get it straight right now, no it’s not. It’s not manageable and it is not healthy to be a size zero with an eating disorder.

Talking to some anorexia sufferers last night and today, they all say that the anorexia manages them. They all wish without a doubt in their mind that they had never had it.

Back to Kenneth Tong and his magic pills, the ones he is using Twitter to promote. Kenneth is being represented by Max Clifford, a father of one daughter. I wonder how he would feel if his daughter came home with a guy like Kenneth? Or started a “managed anorexia” program? I know how I feel,  and I wonder why Max Clifford continues to represent him?

I wonder why Max Clifford continues to represent him

For Kenneth though, Max Clifford representing him is a good thing, on Twitter Simon Cowell called him out and stated he was a village idiot who didnt deserve a village… Kenneth thought that Simon should be endorsing him as they share the same PR…. yes really.

Of course, as a woman who is a size 20 on a good day, I know people will think I am just jealous that this pill is being marketed with anorexics in mind… but that was how I got to where I am, a size 20. I have what is known as “BED” Binge Eating Disorder. Food manages me too.

Once upon a time I was a young, impressionable 19 year old, a size 10 and I met a bloke who told me at 8 stone and 6lbs, that I could do with losing a bit of weight. Another Kenneth who felt any woman of a size 10 and above needed to lose weight. I was introduced to a world of diet pills, binge drinking and induced vomiting, him not me. Slowly he unravelled my natural eating habits and now I can’t get them back.  That’s all of my story that I am sharing, you see I still have a daughter that is young and impressionable and I don’t want her thinking that this is an acceptable way to live – it’s not.

Over the years I have found one thing that works and that is exercise, not magic pills. But before we go any further we need to get back to the managed anorexia – how can you exercise when you are starving to death? You can’t. You can’t think straight and you lose control over your life. Hunger hurts, it hurts your body, it unravels your mind.

Lisa Johnson, of Lisa Johnson Fitness has some stats for us –

So I did a little digging.  Some statistics…

  • It’s “vanity sizing” a made up number by US clothing manufacturer’s, in the UK it’s a size four.
  • A size zero’s measurements are 30″ – 22″ – 32″ or 84-64-89 cms.
  • A 22″ waist corresponds with the average pant size of an 8 year old.
  • Marilyn Monroe’s measurements according to her dressmaker were, 35, 22, 35.
  • The average US woman is a size 14 today.  Those measurements are 39, 31 1/2, 42 1/2

There are certainly women out there who are naturally and happily a size zero.  There are also women out there who put in a little bit of effort to maintain a size zero and are happy with where they are.  The vast majority of the rest of us can’t even conceive of doing this.

The Argument

Of course Tong advocates that being a certain dress size is the ONLY key to happiness and to dating stud muffins such as himself.  If I read one of his tweets correctly he referenced having 104 “dates” last year.  Who wants to sleep with a guy with venereal disease?

Parents hearts are broken when their beloved daughters are gripped by anorexia, it tears families apart. It hurts people in such a way it can take decades to recover.

Kenneth Tong, you are on my radar now.

Thankfully my daughter won’t be showing up in your twitter stream as her healthy weight is too fat for you. You will no longer be able to whisper your poison to her, as she has seen you for what you really are. Google is good for that, all your past sins made present. She has seen what a vile twisted man you are, how you treat women and although she doesn’t understand your motivation for doing this, she does understand that you want one thing from her; money.

As to my original question, who the hell is Kenneth Tong?… he is a silly little misogynistic boy, whose bitterness has seeped over into our daughters lives.

But we don’t have to accept it, we can fight back.

  • We can ask to see the clinical trials of his magic pills.
  • We can ask to see the medical papers published on managed anorexia
  • We can pressure Max Clifford to stop representing him
  • We can listen to our daughters fears and educate them how people will prey on them
  • We can ignore him on Twitter and Facebook

We can do lots, together our voice is bigger and none of us want our children coming home with the likes of Kenneth Tong.


PS you may note I have no links to show you the evidence, I did that on purpose. Links will make his cause easier to be found in the search engines, something I am not happy to do.

Resources B-Eat for help with anorexia, bulimia and other eating problems. Thanks @ Jody Kat

Update 11/01/11 Kenneth Tong admits the size zero thing was a hoax… oh how we all laughed. Not.

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