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When food is your best friend

Is food your friend?iStock_000017450363_ExtraSmall

Do you find yourself inviting food in to help you relax, to console yourself with when times are tough, to have a drink with, to sit in the dark and watch a movie together?

None of these things are a problem necessarily…but overeating can disguise itself as an activity you do with a good friend.

When you overeat that’s like a friend stabbing you in the back. And that’s not a real friend. Because if a “friend” did that, wouldn’t you want to re-evaluate your relationship?

Food has become like that “friend” who takes you out partying and you have a great time together but then they disappear and leave you do deal with the fact that you’ve had too much to drink, you’re in a dodgy or even downright dangerous neighbourhood and can’t find a taxi home… Heck, perhaps taxi’s don’t dare pick up from this area anymore because it’s too risky!

Find out how to make friends with food again in this 7:25 minute audio.


I’m off for lunch with a friend – see you soon 😉

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