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What’s Your Life Motto?



What is your life motto?

What is your life motto?



Many years ago now a friend introduced me to this quote. I have lost track of who the author was but it was a quote that has held me in good stead over the years.

Have you a motto that you follow in your life?

We sometimes get attracted to sayings that seem on the face of it to be positive, but can hide  beliefs that when we look a little more closely, can be working against our best interests.

Our language works hand in hand with our beliefs. Our beliefs inform our values.

That’s a good start at eliminating any incongruency between our thoughts and our actions. That is very much of value to me.

How do we share our values? I think we share them – whether we know it or not – by our actions and interactions.

“You are not your behaviour” but it is  our behaviour by which we are judged and ideally, it makes sense that our behaviour is in line with our intentions and beliefs.

Uncovering these values,  can be a complicated task to do well. Core values take some digging to uncover, but are well worth the effort.

When you look at the quotes that resonate with you – are they empowering, or do they support negative conditions?

I have liked this quote on Character too.  It goes well with the issue of real Resolve.  Committing to good action and Follow Through.

Do you have a favourite quote or motto?

If not… What might be a good motto for you now?


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