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What to do when you “feel too fat to go to the gym”

Need to get motivated to exerciseWhen we say, “I feel too fat to go to the gym” we focus on feeling fat.

The problem with this is it immediately reminds us to notice the extra layers of body fat and pay attention to how our clothes are feeling a little too snug. We are consciously reminded that we don’t like these things, that they don’t feel good.

If we get caught up in negative feelings like self-disgust or hopelessness, we will not take action; we will not get to the gym!

So, what can you do when this is how you feel?

Below are five steps to get you out of your emotional frump and motivated to take action.

1. Remind yourself what you want

Ask yourself: “What is my goal? What do I want to achieve and why do I want to achieve it?”

  • Make sure your answers are current. Sometimes goals need to be updated. If your answers to these fundamental questions are uninspiring, you must go back and re-ask the questions. You may need to look for answers at a deeper level. When you truly know why you want something, you find your motivation and feel compelled to take action.
  • Make sure you have created an effective goal statement. Make sure your goal is about what you want and not what you want to avoid. For example, say ” I want to wear my size 10 clothes again” rather than “I don’t want to be overweight anymore.” The format for a powerful, effective goal statement is provided in my free motivation manual, The Secret to Unstoppable Weight Loss Motivation.

2. Remember you move towards what you focus on

Think about it like this: When you plan to go somewhere, you don’t spend hours talking about all the places you don’t want to go, do you?

Understand that self-talk about “feeling fat” will not take you towards your goal.

3. Shift your focus

Deliberately put your attention elsewhere. Say: “Even though I am currently carrying excess weight and I don’t like how I feel, I choose to focus on my goal and believe I can do what it takes to achieve it.”

When you say “Even though…” you allow yourself to acknowledge and accept your current situation, including how you’ve been feeling about it.

When you say “I choose to…” you take back your power and move into solution-mode. You shift your focus to what you want and where you want to go. This feels good. Reminding yourself you have a choice is empowering.

4. Take a reality check

Tell yourself: “The body I am in right now is the exact same body that must become the fit, lean body I want.”

Understand the body you have right now is the one that must move and eat in ways that achieve your goal. You must start where you are. In fact, you can only start right where you are. Accepting this also feels good. Let go of the resistance.

5. Inspire yourself with a visual

In your imagination see a picture of yourself today and see a picture of yourself in the future with your goal achieved.

Now, see a line connecting these two versions of you. Know that to move from where you are today requires you to take one step at a time along that line. Taking this body to the gym today – exactly as it is – is one of those steps on the journey towards the goal. So get moving!

Enjoy your workout…


Victoria Morrison

Weight Loss Success Coach at Weight Loss Mind Coaching
I'm a Weight Loss Success Coach - specialising in mindset. I work with women who are struggling with their weight by helping them change the way they think so they can finally have the lean, healthy body they’re after. Check out my powerful Successful Weight Loss Now session for your smartphone. Daily viewing will change your mindset and change your weight loss results. It’s fun and it works!

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