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Sarah Arrow – Visibility Strategist

Visibility StrategistI wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up. I wanted to touch the stars and float in space. I crave the adventure, and curiosity was going to get me there, via the Royal Air Force of course! But sometimes your destiny, your fate isn’t what you thought it would be.

Today I’m a visibility strategist.

I help family-oriented business owners become incredibly visible to their audience, and that’s a path that I started upon by accident, whilst on maternity leave from my job in the City.

How I went from wannabe astronaut to visibility strategist, via a public house and the City is a long tale, best told over a juicy steak and champagne.

I’ve always had a “portfolio” career. To put it simply I develop the skills that I need to do something and take them with me. I still use skills that I learned 25 years ago in business today. Nothing ever goes to waste or is unused when it comes to learning and business

I’m a firm believer in that you can do whatever you want to do. I’m a PCOS sufferer, yet I have 3 daughters (that confused the heck out of the docs), and I don’t think women need labels like wife, sister, mother  or illnesses to define themselves. We’re so much more than this, although there are some days when I’m proud to wave the mummy flag (usually when my daughters are competing in martial arts).

So, If I’m sounding like your particular brand of crazy and you’d like to become access your superpowers easily and  be more appealing  to your audience, then we should talk. You’ll be over 30, possibly with children, and family means a lot to you. You’ll speak English, because I’m great at learning some things rapidly, but languages… not so fast… You care about what you do, and I love that you care; I don’t work with soulless capitalistic individuals. You want better systems, more time and you want to have more of the things that matter to you.  I love all of this about you!

My clients are featured on all the major websites, mainstream media, radio and publish books when they start working with me. It’s a gradual process though and we create massive momentum  together.   I work with women (sometimes men) from all over the world. Every day they become a little more visible, and twinkle like the stars in the sky

Although I got there in a convoluted way, I can genuinely say that I touch stars…

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