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Better mind power to lose weight

In a previous post we looked at how life tends to give you exactly what you expect. Oh, I know there are surprises at times but in terms of body weight and fitness levels, you really do get what you expect to get.

Expecting your best body

When you genuinely expect to create a leaner, fitter body, you automatically take actions that lead you to that outcome.

You can see how that would work, can’t you?

If you are 100% confident you can and will create the slim, fit body you really want, then you start taking appropriate action.

But if you struggle to be 100% confident in your expectation of your best bod, then you debate taking action. All too often you find yourself NOT doing what you know you need to do.

So…how do you create the expectation that you are going to create the body of your dreams?

Start by focusing on the body you want. Visualise it.

Then, while you visualise your ideal body, make sure you FEEL confident, optimistic and inspired.

Why? So you create a strong neural pathway that links going for and achieving your goal (that fab body) with elevated emotions and the desire to take action.

Think that all sounds too cheesy? Maybe a waste of time?

If you are struggling to take action towards your goal, consider this:

You already have emotions and an energy state associated with your goal. If you are struggling to achieve your weight goal, then struggle is the strongest association you have with the idea of losing weight. This could be accompanied by some doubt, a lack of confidence and perhaps an attitude of “I-can’t-be-bothered-because-it-won’t-work” (or “it’s too hard”). Do these sound familiar?

These emotions and energy state are the reason you haven’t been taking consistent action.

The solution is a daily practice of focusing on your goal whilst feeling empowered. This will begin to create and embed the expectation that you can and will achieve your goal. You’ll get used to feeling you deserve to achieve your goal and that you have the ability to achieve it. Only once you have created a mindset with the right kind of power will you get the results you truly want.

4 cool ways to focus on your goal

  1. Basic SEE / HEAR / FEEL Visualisation

Ask yourself, “How will I know when I’ve achieved my goal? What will I see, hear and feel?”

Now, close your eyes and imagine you have just achieved you goal. Take at least two minutes to really step into this imagined experience. Juice it up as much as possible so that you really see what you will see, hear what you will hear and feel what you feel at the moment you know you have achieved your goal.

Repeat this exercise each day. First thing in the morning is ideal.

  1. Mind Movies

Write out 3 new scenarios to add to your basic SEE / HEAR / FEEL exercise. These are like movies where you are in the starring role!

See yourself at your ideal weight and making good decisions in a range of situations such as:

  • Being out grocery shopping
  • Being at a BBQ
  • Going to the theatre
  • Walking along a beach
  • Asking for a raise
  • Going to the doctor
  • Being intimate with your partner
  • Dancing on New Year’s eve
  • Doing exercise you love

Make sure your scenarios are positive. You are the writer and director and actor so make sure you get to feel totally empowered in each scenario!

Notice what you hear others say, what your own internal dialogue is, how you feel physically and emotionally, how you look in the mirror and what you see when you look down at yourself through your own eyes. Choose one movie to focus on each week. This is your go-to day-dream! Bring it up any time you are on-hold on the phone, waiting for a bus, putting on your make-up – you get the idea. The more you practice your part, the more you become your own success story.

  1. Memo to Self

Record your SEE / HEAR / FEEL experience or your Mind Movies (from previous point) on your Smartphone. Describe everything in detail and with feeling.

You can play your recording back as you go to sleep if you like. (The last thing in your mind is important!) Listening to the playback is a great idea if you easily learn new information by listening. We call this an auditory information processing style.

If you prefer to process information in the auditory digital style – like me – you’ll be particularly engaged in the recording phase while you are speaking out loud. If this is you, then you can re-record your SEE / HEAR / FEEL experience every couple of days. This works really well for me as a focusing activity. I’m totally absorbed as I’m recording.

  1. Dream Vision Board – NO scissors required!

Imagine looking through a pile of glossy magazines and looking for images for a vision board of your goal achieved. Strangely you find all the photos are of you at you goal weight, clearly exhibiting all the positive feelings you associate with achieving your goal!

See yourself flicking through the magazines and feeling delighted at finding pictures that perfectly represent you with your desired outcome. See yourself cutting the pictures out and pasting them on your Vision Board.

Notice the colours, the textures and the relative sizes and shapes of the photos.

Notice the feelings in your body as you go about your task.

When your imagined Vision Board is complete, notice your sense of satisfaction and peace. What other emotions do you feel?


I hope you enjoyed these ideas for creating positive feelings while you focus on your desired outcome. Make a point each day of associating elevated emotions and  a “can-do” attitude with having your ideal body.

Take care

Victoria Morrison, Weight Loss Mind Coach


Victoria Morrison

Weight Loss Success Coach at Weight Loss Mind Coaching
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