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UK plc: Tough leadership or pointless musical chairs?

Well, well: Seems maybe appropriately enough for the times, that the first of UK Plc CEO’s (aka Prime Minister David Cameron) government reshuffle was shared with the nation (and the rest of the world) by Twitter at 2.00am local time…

Yup, Baroness Warsi informed anyone who might be interested that:

It’s been a privilege and an honour to serve my party as co-chairman signing off @ToryChairman’

(And that opened the gates for Cheryl Gillan, the Welsh Secretary to respond in kind… “signing off @Welsh_Secretary too”)

Is Baroness Warsi such a loss? She was the first woman Muslim representative in parliament yet it seems it can hardly be said that she covered herself in glory whilst there: Despite being in the Cabinet she failed to win a parliamentary seat and so was made a peer and party co-chairman. She’s a bit gaffe-prone and has been reported as saying: “Muslims that go to Parliament don’t have any morals or principles.”

I just had to include this:

I don’t think you’d put BW in quite the same category as Edwina Currie and her comments on salmonella in eggs back in 1988: Those very comments that led to Edwina’s resignation as a Junior Minister… the very claims, by the way, that various sources some years subsequently seem to have backed her up on…

Other stuff I’ve read may well be naughty tittle tattle about the baroness but I’ve certainly found anything of earth shattering importance in its contribution to government… The Cabinet Office hadn’t updated her status online last time I checked, but she appears now to pop up in the press today as “Faith and Communities Minister and Foreign Office Minister”… Do what? Curiouser and curiouser?

Of course, we’re led to believe that this is just the start but, hey ho, meanwhile…

Heard the one about a week being a short time in politics?

Must be… and months, I guess, are like nano seconds to politicians. Well they must be, mustn’t they? Otherwise how come Jeremy Hunt (he who somehow held on to his job by the skin of his teeth in the wake of the BSkyB fiasco) takes over that huge job as Health Secretary from the departing Andrew Lansley? No wonder pictures in today’s press show young Jeremy grinning from ear to ear and, apparently, almost skipping! Ousted Mr Lansley gets the (Consolation?) prize of Leader of the House.

Ken Clarke on order hands over the mantle of Justice Secretary to Chris Grayling. Whilst I don’t recall having heard much about CG, a quick recce reveals that he’s allegedly the first non-lawyer as Lord Chancellor since 1558 – well that’ll certainly provide a different perspective, won’t it?

Ken becomes a Minister without Portfolio – Oxford dictionaries definition: (in the UK and some other countries) a government minister who has cabinet status, but is not in charge of a specific department of state. He’ll be joined by Grant Shapps, who will also occupy an advisory role to the Cabinet.

The stay-ers

Seems that the good old veteran IDS (Iain Duncan Smith) has kept his head sufficiently to turn down the offer of Justice Secretary on fellow-even-more-veteran, Ken Clarke’s departure, prefering to remain at the Department of Work and Pensions – phew!

And Michael Gove keeps his education job. Is that good, bad or indifferent? I for one don’t honestly know. Our education system seems to have, in many ways, gone so far down the tubes that it’s likely to take more than one government term and one person consistently at the helm during it to make much of a difference…

I wouldn’t mind betting that entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses up and down the land will be bewailing the fact that Vince Cable has, some would say most surprisingly, held on to his job at Business, Innovation and Skills… No. Just don’t go there, Linda…

More musical chairs, anyone?

Andrew Mitchell moves from Secretary of State for International Development to become the new chief whip. Seems the top brass at the Tory party think a former UN peace keeper will make a better fist at the job than Patrick McLoughlin of keeping unruly MPs in some sort of order…

And Justine Greening gets demoted from Transport Secretary – widely believed for the “crime” of opposing a third Heathrow runway (which let’s not forget, good ol’ Dave had claimed to oppose himself, back in 2010 during election pledging time)… to fill Andrew’s old International Development shoes… But good news for McLoughlin because he gets her job at Transport!

And you wonder why I call it musical chairs?… 🙁

Does anybody take this reshuffle seriously?

…apart from the players, I suppose. Do we in the UK, or does anyone abroad really believe we might in the foreseeable future get some heavyweights in position that could have the slightest inkling of how, and the skills and ability to act decisively to take this country forward in a positive direction?

Does anyone in Germany GmbH, USA Inc, Australia Pty Ltd…

You get my drift, I’m sure.

Doesn’t an entire country warrant at least the time and due diligence that would be invested in the equivalent of the appointment of Chairman, CEO, Board of Directors, Trustees, Executive and Non-excutive directors who are to run a profitable and diverse company?

  • Am I the only one who believes the government in the UK at the moment seems to be treating it like a game of musical chairs?
  • And that, sadly, the opposition wouldn’t be any better?
  • Do any of you in other countries have any more faith in the people who are or could be running your country?

What are your thoughts?

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