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Trying to lose weight but hungry all the time?

Hunger makes weight loss hardEver tried to cut back on the amount you’re eating so you can drop a bit of weight but found you just got too hungry?

And you gave up?

If so, you are not alone.

Here’s an email I received recently:

Hi Victoria. I’m cutting back on my food so I can lose some weight (I want to lose 6 kilos) but I find I am hungry all the time. Any tips? Shanda

I don’t know if Shanda threw in the towel but this is a common question.

In the audio below I tell you the most important things to consider if hunger has been a problem for you in the past. Fix these things and hunger will never get the better of you again!

How to fix that “hungry all the time” problem (5:36 minutes):


Short on time? Here’s a take-away summary –

3 things to check when you’re “hungry all the time”:

1. Are you eating enough?
If you ARE hungry all the time – of that is true – then for goodness sake, eat more and make sure it is food that is highly satisfying – use your calorie budget on foods with plenty of protein and fibre.

2. What do you say to yourself about “being hungry”?
If you are eating enough but experiencing hunger some of the time, notice what you are saying to yourself about feeling hungry. Are you saying “I hate feeling hungry” and become anxious as a result? Are you magnifying the situation by saying “I hate feeling hungry all the time”? Or, are you saying resourceful things like, “Hunger is natural and to be expected. It means I’m really going to enjoy my next planned meal and I use hunger as a trigger to remind me that I’m looking forward to achieving my goal.” Or perhaps you could say, “Yes, I can feel some hunger and I choose to remind myself this is a temporary feeling that I can handle”.

3. Is it really hunger or are you looking for a distraction?
Finally, check that you are not focusing on hunger in order to distract yourself from something – like a task you don’t want to do or even a feeling you don’t want to fully experience (e.g. loneliness, boredom, feeling overwhelmed, etc). If you binge in response to certain emotions,  identify healthier options to process those feelings in Does bingeing mean you are a failure?



Never give up on your health goal – and always, always investigate further if you want weight loss but hear a voice in your head saying, “I‘ve tried to lose weight but I can’t”.

It’s not that you can’t.  You just haven’t tried the right way for you yet. I assure you successful weight loss is possible for you. If reaching your ideal healthy weight is something you really want, keep looking for the answer because excess weight is just a problem and all problems have solutions.


Until next time

Victoria Morrison, Weight Loss Mind Coach



Victoria Morrison

Weight Loss Success Coach at Weight Loss Mind Coaching
I'm a Weight Loss Success Coach - specialising in mindset. I work with women who are struggling with their weight by helping them change the way they think so they can finally have the lean, healthy body they’re after. Check out my powerful Successful Weight Loss Now session for your smartphone. Daily viewing will change your mindset and change your weight loss results. It’s fun and it works!

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