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Thirty something, affluent, free and single: How badly do you need a man?

Mr Realitsic? Find out on a (not a) date

Mr Realitsic? Find out on a (not a) date

“This is not a dating show….” So proclaims the PR blurb on a new TV show that seeks thirty something women, who are “single and shouldn’t be”.

Said TV show is seeking contestants… I’m sorry, I mean participants and to qualify, you only need be “witty, intelligent, likeable” and faced with a problem. The problem being that you are “better educated than men, earning the same if not more than they are, doing well in your career and have great friends… but finding that the available men are generally not up to scratch.” Furthermore, you should be wondering “What’s going wrong?” as you intelligently ponder life’s challenges in your copious spare time.

Your opportunity, if you fit the bill, is to join the show. Understand though, that it’s a not a dating show, it’s a documentary, in which the producers will give you the chance to meet “Mr Right or at least Mr Realistic”. I’m not sure what they mean by Mr Realistic – perhaps it means he knows he’s not right for you but he’s realistic about the fact that you’re better than him and he ought to snap you up and be grateful.

As I read the blurb requesting that we promote this “not a dating show” on Birds on the Blog, I couldn’t help but let out a sigh of exasperation at yet another slightly differently pitched, now seemingly rather tired format of … dating show (but not). And it also made me wonder why on earth this profile of woman would want to get involved. If you’re in that position in life, I doubt finding a man is a desperate priority on your agenda and if it is, you wouldn’t want to do so through such a patronising method. But who am I to know.

So here’s what I think. If you’re thirty something single etc etc etc, running a business, need personal profile, perceive there may be an opportunity for exposure or may benefit in some other way from this opportunity, why not get in touch with Molly at Seneca Productions, 0207 324 6089.

Oh and just a final question for Molly. What if I am thirty something, witty, intelligent, likeable, better educated than men, earning the same if not more, have great friends…. and want to meet Mrs Right (or Mrs Realistic)?