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The Top 10 Event Marketing Tips To Fill Your Workshops

event marketing tipsIf you are planning an event this fall and are worried about filling the room, you are not alone.  Getting butts in the seats of your workshops and seminars is a challenge for many workshop leaders.  Here are ten event marketing tips that will help you:

1. Not every warm body with a wallet is your ideal attendee

As tempting as it might be to serve everyone, pick the one group who benefits the most of what you have to offer.  Then start talking to them in your marketing.

2. Filling your workshop room starts with a great event name

Does your event name make people sit up and notice?  Your title should contain the promise of a BIG BENEFIT.  If your event name is “blah”, your audience will assume that your content is “blah” too.  Nobody wants to go to a boring event.  Make sure you spice up your event name with a big benefit.

3. Focus on your audience, not your event in your marketing

Many registration pages tell the audience all about the event; the what, the who, the where and the how.   Although that is important information, it is not as important as letting your audience know what your event will do for THEM.  If your potential audience is absolutely convinced that you have the solution to their problem, they will rearrange their schedule to be there.

4. Allow enough time to market your event

The first thing every workshop host says is: “Next time, I’ll start marketing sooner!”  It always takes longer to fill your event than you think. Start now.  The best time to start marketing your workshop was at your last event.  The next best time is NOW, so get going.

5. Offer the solution your audience is looking for

You know that you offer something special that your audience needs.  But do they know that too?  Your attendees want to know first and foremost how your workshop content is going to benefit lives or businesses.  They are looking for a solution, so make sure you communicate everywhere how your event fits that bill.

attendees at workshop6. Keep it small

Do you really need 100 people at your event?  No, you don’t.  You can create a great payday, even with 20-30 people in the room.  When you have a smaller, more intimate event, you can do a better job creating the kind of connection with your audience that entices them to become your client.

7. Fill your event by proving value-added content marketing

Honestly, nobody is going to buy a ticket to your day long workshop or multi day event if they have never heard of you.  They need to know, like and trust you first.  Gain their trust by providing them with value-added content marketing.  Let them get to know you and your expertise through videos, blog posts, and webinars.  (And make sure you get them to opt in to your list while you are at it.)

8. Give them an incentive to register early

If you want your attendees to sign up early, you have to give them a reason to. Are seats limited? Can you give them a good bonus or discount for registering by a certain date? It has to be worth it for your attendees to fork over their payment early.

9. Follow up, follow up, follow up

The money is in the follow up.   According to McGraw Hill, 80% of the sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact, yet only 10% of the people make 3 contacts or more. You have to keep getting your workshop out in front of your prospective attendee.  Did you tell your potential audience about your event more than 5 times?  More than 10? That doesn’t mean to barrage them with spammy emails.  Mix it up.

10. Don’t stop marketing till the doors open

For a low cost, front end workshop, up to 50% of the attendees wait till the last week to register.  Keep marketing to them until the doors open and don’t give up.  You never know when that last minute attendee will turn into your best client!

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Daphne Bousquet

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