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Had enough? Best time to lose weight

“There are 12 weeks until Christmas and I want to drop 3 kilos before the party season gets underway,” said the woman behind me to her friend. I was waiting to board a train into the city.  “Of course I know I’ll just put it all back on while I’m partying and over the holidays and then I’ll start the New Year with a weight loss resolution as usual. God, I’m so sick of this. Year after year…”

Sound familiar?

I hear this all the time from friends and family and I said it myself for many years.

If you are still running this program, isn’t it time to uninstall it and upgrade to something better?

You are getting exactly what you expect

If you expect you’ll have a tough time jettisoning your unwanted bulk, you most likely will. Your expectations prime you to zero in on anything that might be a shift for you and make sure you label it “tough”.

But what if rather than expecting things to be “tough”, you found yourself labeling things:

“Slightly inconvenient but do-able”


“The price I’m willing to pay”


“A bit different and kind of interesting


“Something that is bringing me results I totally love and that I’m genuinely starting to enjoy!”

Imagine what that would be like!

Changing your expectation about losing weight

Change your expectation and you’ll change the experience. I’m sure you’ve heard this before.

But how do you do it?

First up, become aware of what you’ve been EXPECTING.

Women who come to me wanting to stop sabotaging their weight loss efforts tell me this is what they expect:

“I’ll have to control my food intake in a rigid and unsatisfying way. It will be hard to shift the weight and it is inevitable I will put the weight back on anyway because I won’t be able to continue doing what I need to. It’s too hard to lose weight and I don’t have what it takes.”

This makes me so sad. I used to think this way too and it ruled my life. It’s really painful to want something but believe you can’t have it.

If you are struggling with your weight, you probably relate to what my clients say when they come to me initially. I’m sure you see that what you believe is powerful and naturally impacts your results.

Find out what YOU believe about your weight and your expectations by finishing the following sentences. Do this quickly. Note whatever automatically pops into your head:

  • Losing weight is…
  • My body is…
  • To be my ideal weight I must…
  • I can’t lose weight because…
  • When I am my ideal weight I…

How did you go?

If you discovered you typically focus on how hard it is to lose weight and how much you hate being overweight, then it follows you will struggle to get slim. You expect to struggle – and you will automatically take actions that follow your expectations.

In life, you tend to get more of what you focus on. If you expect weight loss to be hard, to be a never-ending cycle of dieting then over-indulging, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

On the other hand, if you want to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting, it’s time to start focusing on the body you want and creating the expectation that of course you will achieve it. You have to become the type of person who thinks this way.

My question to you is…

When you catch yourself focusing on the things you don’t want more of (which you will, my dear), HOW are you going to re-focus on what you do want? How are you going to focus on the slim, healthy body you WANT with the expectation that you CAN and WILL get it?

Next time, I’ll share some of my best re-focusing tips and personal practices. In the meantime, I’d love to hear yours in the Comments section below.

Take care

Victoria Morrison, Weight Loss Mind Coach

Victoria Morrison

Weight Loss Success Coach at Weight Loss Mind Coaching
I'm a Weight Loss Success Coach - specialising in mindset. I work with women who are struggling with their weight by helping them change the way they think so they can finally have the lean, healthy body they’re after. Check out my powerful Successful Weight Loss Now session for your smartphone. Daily viewing will change your mindset and change your weight loss results. It’s fun and it works!

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