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The Difference Between Marketing and Launching

Launching your newest product or service seems like the right thing to do. I mean everyone is always talking about launching.12312029_s

The gurus are launching this and that. They can also show you how to launch your product or service.

The best part is, you’ll be RICH!

Okay, so maybe not rich… but you could make lots of money and the gurus have those Pay Pal screenshots to support it.

But here’s the thing… Launching is just marketing on steroids.

When you launch something, you are doing all the same things you would do normally for your business when you are marketing.

  • You’ll write posts for your site.
  • You’ll write posts for other people’s sites.
  • You tweet and G+ and Facebook.
  • You’ll have folks interview you.
  • You’ll give something away for free to entice your potential audience.
  • You’ll create videos.
  • You’ll reach out to others and ask for promo help in return for your help.
  • You’ll reach out to your email list.
  • You’ll do a free webinar.

You get the idea, lots of various tactics.

The difference that the gurus teach is that you’ll have a plan or calendar with all these things on it. You’ll speed up the marketing process and do more stuff essentially.

It begs the question…

Why aren’t you already doing this every day for every thing you sell?

The biggest mistake I see folks make is this… assuming that incorporating a specific launch plan and strategy will fix an already neglected marketing process.

You need to always be marketing. Always.

If you aren’t doing all the things you are planning in a launch, all of the time, then you are missing the point of what marketing truly is.

Launching is just a form of marketing, and it’s likely to fail if you haven’t already invested the time and effort in to connecting with your audience and prospects.

People don’t buy from businesses just because they are “launching”. People buy because you have connected with them and built trust. Then when you have something new to offer them, and if it’s what they need and want, they’ll buy.

Those launch gurus have those very specific things going for them; they have a huge audience, they have been working that audience over time and when they launch they get attention.

Your results will not and cannot possibly match theirs.

So you might be asking this question…. What’s the point? Should I bother launching?

Yes, you should launch by amping up the promotion for your new product or service. But you should also be marketing all the time.

The point is this: flash in the pan marketing is worthless if you haven’t started with strong base.

I had a college instructor say something very valuable to me. I asked how could I make the best short film to get accepted to a prestigious film school.

She told me this: “You can’t, all you can do is build a strong table, one with four legs and a sturdy top. If you try to build a three-legged table with different length legs you’ll get a table no one can use. Start with a strong foundation and the rest comes.”

I followed her advice and I was accepted to the program.

To you I say the same, start with a strong marketing foundation.



Yolanda A. Facio is a seasoned entrepreneur, consultant, and copywriter. She divides her time between her businesses: high-end exotic auto repair, copywriting, marketing, and helping solopreneurs and small business owners grow their businesses at Balance Driven Entrepreneur. Author of two bestselling Kindle books, "Purpose: Build a Business You Love" and "What to Say, How to Say It"