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The buck stops here

DecisionsI was looking for something in my filing cabinet the other day and came across seven pages stapled together each describing a decision that we can choose to take.

1 The buck stops here

This is where I decide to take responsibility for my past and free myself to move on to something bigger, brighter and of my own choosing. Never again to blame anybody else, education or genetics: to not allow my history to be my destiny. To realise that I am where I am because of my thinking, so changing my thinking can change my future. I control my thoughts; I control my emotions. When I make a decision I stand by it. I am responsible for my success.

2 I will seek wisdom

I will read books and listen to recordings that increase belief in myself and bring about positive changes in my life. I will choose my friends with care: I am who my friends are. If I associate with eagles I will learn to soar to great heights. I am an eagle. It is my destiny to fly. I will listen to the counsel of those who are wise. I will be a servant to others. I will not look for someone to to open my door – I will look to open the door for someone.

3 I am a person of action

Starting today I will create a new future by creating a new me. I am a person of action and I inspire others. Successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. My decisions come quickly and they lead to victory. For too long fear has been an obstacle: No longer. Fear is an imposter. I do not fear failure: Failure is a myth that only exists for the person who quits. I do not quit. I choose now.

4 I have a decided heart

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” For too long my feet have been tentative, shuffling left and right, taking notice of criticism, condemnation and complaint from lesser beings. The power to control direction belongs to me. I will immediately begin to exercise that power. All problems become smaller when I confront them so I do not procrastinate. I am passionate about my vision for the future: My vision for the future is my very existence – a person without a dream never had a dream come true. My course has been charted and my destiny is assured.

5 Today I will choose to be happy

Happiness is not an emotional phantom floating in and out of my life: it is a choice, the end result of certain thoughts and activities which actually bring about a chemical reaction in my body. So today I will choose to be happy, greet each day with laughter, which creates enthusiasm, which is contagious. I will smile at everyone I meet. Discouragement, despair, frustration and fear will always wither when confronted by a smile. I am the possessor of a grateful spirit and a thankful heart.

6 I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit

Forgiveness only has value when it is given away. From now I will silently offer my forgiveness even to those who do not see that they need it and I will no longer be consumed by unproductive thoughts. I will forgive those who criticise me unjustly. I will forgive myself. For many years my greatest enemy has been me: every mistake, every miscalculation, every stumble I’ve made has been replayed over and over in my mind.From now on my history will cease to control my destiny. I have forgiven myself: My life has just begun.

7 I will persist without exception

Today I choose to persist without exception. I compare myself to my potential rather than to other people. I am not average. I focus on results. I will claim faith in the certainty of my future: faith is a sounder guide than reason. I will believe in the future that I cannot see: The reward is to see the future that I believed.

Paraphrased and summarised from a document with The Seven Decisions in the top left hand corner of each page, which I’m guessing is a printout of something I was sent or downloaded from several years ago.

I think it would be worth running through even my summary of The Seven Decisions each morning before getting out of bed. What are your thoughts?

Linda Mattacks

You know when the' fog' disappears and you get that AHA! moment of absolute clarity of what you 'want' and the beginnings of how to get there? And how great that feeling is? And how it enables you to move forward?

If you're missing that, and it bugs the bleep out of you, you needto have a chat with me. Women aged 40+ are my specialty because you have SO much to give that hasn't yet been tapped into ­čÖé