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The 6pm Wine Trap

For most of my working life the end of my day has always been punctuated by a glass of wine once home. Now, I’m not talking about a bottle a night, or big sessions at the weekend when younger, this was more of a daily routine that signified that my work was finished for the day and I could relax.

Each time I fell pregnant that daily glass of wine immediately became a fruit juice or a fizzy drink, and was still drunk at nearly the same time every day.

I, like you, have read the many articles about drinking, about how many points a woman should have in a week, and the research about if red is better than white. To be honest I never took much notice, I never drank at any other time, never got drunk and don’t particularly like spirits.

However, three weeks and 2 days ago (bank holiday weekend) I realised upon going to bed that I hadn’t had my normal glass of wine, most unlike me. It started to get me thinking, am I drinking at the same time each night as part of a routine, as habit or something more sinister.

I decided to see what would happen the next day, I have to be extremely honest and I did wonder if I would miss it, would it come to 6pm and I would find myself at the fridge on auto pilot.

6pm came and went, I drank so much squash my stomach must have ballooned to that of an elephant but I didn’t miss my evening tipple. I was quite satisfied at this point that it was just a regular schedule thing that I had become used to and decided that I would start back to work and that evening hit the wine cooler. It never happened, I came home and had an urge for a cold, soft drink – what was happening to me?

The days went on, I started to feel smug about my new healthy living (well, slightly healthier), but I didn’t feel any better for it. In fact, I had hoped to see glowing, glossy skin starting at me in the mirror, and luscious, flowing locks in the morning on this new regime. Instead I had a slight headache for three days and then nothing.

That is, until I went to the scales, something that after three children I dread more than anything. At the end of the first week I stepped on, squeezed my eyes shut and prayed – when I looked down I was horrified to see I had gained weight. What the hell?

A week later and I returned to the scales, I had lost the excess weight I had gained and had also lost 2lb’s – not the great weight loss I had secretly hoped for and googled many times but it was a start.

Yesterday was the biggest surprise thought – exactly three weeks after giving up wine and I have lost 7lb’s – personally I can’t see where from, but to be honest the lb’s had a lot of choice as to where to go from. Nonetheless, I am extremely pleased that this has happened, and now am determined to lose some more weight,

The strangest part of all, I bought a lovely bottle of champers for Friday, thinking if I want a drink then I want a good drink – it’s still in the fridge, untouched and unloved. That would never of happened in the old days……

Charlotte Ball

Charlotte Ball is a leading specialist in enterprise within education, working closely with schools and colleges to create innovative programmes that fit in the national curriculum and provide young people with the skills needed to ensure a positive future. She develops qualifications, helps companies engage with youth and looks at ways to improve the UK justice system, focusing on enterprise and education for young offenders.
She is a regular key note speaker in the UK on business development, enterprise and education for both primary and Higher Education and a strong advocate for STEM.

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