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The 3 reasons why you can’t see your abs

how to get a 6-pack

Want abs like this? Exercise alone won’t cut it.

Hey, was that you I saw at the gym last week, doing literally hundreds of crunches and holding planks for a truly astonishing amount of time?

Because if that was you, I’ll bet you’re doing all that ab work because you really really want a six-pack. Or at least discernible ab muscles of any sort.

And you can’t figure out why you’re still not seeing your abs . . . no matter how hard you work them.

So read on to hear the top 3 reasons why—and what to do to fix them.

1. There’s no such thing as spot-reducing

If you thought that doing more ab exercise was the key to a lean, mean midsection, it’s probably because women’s magazines make it sound that way.

They tell you to follow this exercise regime or that one in order to “sculpt sexy arms,” “build a firm rear end,” or, yes, “get a six-pack by summer.”

In other words, they hint that spot-reducing is possible: that you can take fat off a specific body part or area by exercising that area.

The problem is that although the prescribed exercise is (ideally) building some nice firm muscle in your arms, butt, and abdominal region, it will *not* selectively remove the fat on top of those muscles and under your skin.

Because spot-reducing is a myth that refuses to die . . .

Yes, of course you burn fat while you work out (and afterward, if you’re doing the right kind of exercise). But there’s nothing you can do to force your body to burn the fat on top of your abs while you’re slogging away on those crunches.

It’s just as likely to use the fat stored in your face, arms, or butt.

2. “Abs are made in the kitchen”

This bodybuilders’ saying means that exercise alone cannot give you the thin skin essential to seeing the six-pack that (believe it or not) already exists under your subcutaneous fat, presuming you’ve done a good job of training your ab muscles.

For that, you have to diet.

To reveal what’s currently hidden, you’ve got to reduce the fat under your skin that’s obscuring your ab development. And to do that efficiently, you need to eat in a way that enables you to lose fat.

Note that I didn’t say “you’ve got to eat clean.”

Of course, it’s preferable to eat a highly nutritious diet based on whole foods—lean meat and fish, vegetables, whole grains, fruits, low-fat dairy, and tubers such as potatoes and sweet potatoes.

But that alone simply won’t cut it (pun intended).

You must create a calorie deficit in order to take off the fat.

3. You’re not taking an appropriate calorie cut or tracking your daily calorie intake

As I’ve just said, simply making healthy food choices will not automatically generate the results you want.

To get your body fat down to 15 percent or less (about what it takes for most women to display a nice six-pack), you’ll need to intelligently cut calories.

Not too many calories—or you run a significant risk of losing muscle mass and slowing your metabolic rate.

Not too few—or your rate of progress will be agonizingly slow.

But what’s that you say? You are cutting calories but not getting results?

Are you keeping a food journal? Weighing and measuring your food so you know how many calories you’re actually consuming?

If the answer is no, you really *don’t know.*

And you won’t know whether you’re taking in too many or too few calories if you don’t keep a food journal. There are plenty of free online services that make it easy, including my favorite,

Need some help in revealing your hidden six-pack?

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