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Tapestry of Love, by Rosy Thornton – A Birds Book Review

Who hasn’t had the occasional fantasy of running away from their mundane life, and starting afresh?  Moving to a place we once loved when visiting on holiday, and giving up the day job in favour of earning a living doing something we really love doing?

Catherine Parkestone, forty eight years old and divorced, does just that in The Tapestry of Love, by Rosy Thornton. At the beginning of the novel she is driving through France, on her way to her new home in the mountains of Cevennes, where she plans to start a business around her love of embroidery and textiles.

As someone who loves to embroider myself, I was enchanted by the descriptions of the silks and Catherine’s designs – I could really imagine them coming to life.

It’s a slow book that is to be savoured. Catherine’s story draws us into the quiet and simple life of the local people, as she slowly makes friends. There is a hint of developing romance with the mysterious Patrick. And all the time we are aware that it isn’t so easy to leave the old life behind. Her son and daughter are back home in England, and Catherine’s mother who has Alzheimer’s too. Her sister arrives and even more complications ensue. Then there are the difficulties of setting up in business – and of the French bureaucracy. This isn’t a mere escapist fantasy; it is a story of deep and complex emotions – of love and of loss.

Rosy Thornton is the author of three other novels, including Crossed Wires – which will be going on my Amazon wish list for Christmas.

I also did a short interview with Rosy, which you can read here at 2pm.


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