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Six Reasons To Get Your Business In The Press

photo credit: Village9991 via photopin cc

photo credit: Village9991 via photopin cc

If you’re a small business owner or an entrepreneur then your business is like your baby. You’ve nurtured it and watched it grow over the years, with a feeling of pride in your heart. But whilst you know that your business is, well, the business, does everyone else? And if not, what’s the most effective way of letting the world know about just what a bonny bairn your business is?

Two words. Media coverage. It really is the Holy Grail in terms of letting a large number of your ideal clients know about your company. Get your business written about in the same newspapers and magazines that your prospective clients read, and you’ll be laughing (all the way to the bank, with any luck).

So why else is media coverage so important for your business? Take a look at these compelling reasons…


PR is cost-effective, it simply involves your time. Even if you hire someone to carry out PR for you, this is a small investment in comparison to how much it costs to take out adverts in your target publications. Ads in the local press will cost a few hundred pounds, for national publications it will run to several thousands. With PR, whatever investment you make (in time or money) will soon pay for itself several times over in far-reaching publicity for your business.

More effective than advertising

What’s great about PR is that it’s not only much more affordable than advertising, it’s also more effective. Having your business written about by a trusted third party (the journalist) gives you instant credibility. People also respond to editorial in publications they like and trust far better than when they are being sold to in an ad. How great is that?

Better brand awareness

Know that you need to build your brand but not sure how to do it? Media coverage is very effective for building up brand awareness. The more people read about your business the more familiar they will become with it – which makes them far more likely to think of you whenever they come to need a service or product that you offer.

Become an expert

We may not feel comfortable with calling ourselves experts, but believe me, if you know more about your business than Jo Public (which, I’m sure you do), this makes you an expert. Yes, really. Demonstrate your expertise and reinforce your expert status by appearing in the press. Think about it – when you see a business leader quoted in an article doesn’t it make you think they must know what they’re talking about? The same will go for you when you and your business feature in the media.

Raise your profile

Media coverage is a very effective tool for getting your business publicity and helping to raise your profile. The more you appear in the media, the more well known you will become and the bigger your profile will be. Move over Richard Branson…

Speak to your ideal clients

The fantastic thing about being in the press is that you can target the exact publications that your ideal clients read. Clever, eh? Does your ideal clientele read the local paper? Or do they prefer glossy mags? Do they read a particular blog or listen to a specific radio station? Get in front of them and speak to them directly.

Dina Behrman

Dina Behrman is a communications expert with more than a decade's experience in journalism, writing for national publications such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, Mail on Sunday, Daily Express, and many of the women's magazines. Her DIY PR coaching packages and products help small business owners and entrepreneurs to get publicity for their businesses. Subscribe to her weekly ezine and receive her free report 7 Secrets To Generating Amazing Publicity For Your Business.