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Should my business development be put on credit card?

business development on credit cardLong, short, and most obvious answer is: Only you can make this decision.

However ,that would make a pretty ridiculously short and dull blog post. Over in our Birds writers group we been having a discussion about this because it does appear – use a credit card to pay for what I am offering is (and has been for a long time really) a strategy for selling used by some people in the online business world.

It always smells fishy to me when someone is suggesting using a credit card, especially when they don’t come with any guarantees that their programme will be THE ONE where you make money. Of course, it is impossible to make that claim for anyone. No matter how good the coach/trainer etc that they are, because it’s not their programme or service that makes you money. It is you that makes the money in your business.

I want to tackle the spiritual bit here first…

Spiritually and energetically speaking, there are 3 types of money:

  1. Conditional – based on X you get Y, based Y you give X. An easy example of this is your work; when employed your employer pays you. You fail to turn up to work employer doesn’t pay you. An exchange of time/value.
  2. Credit – this is loans and money that you receive through credit and colloquially called debt. For credit/debt money to be received it means that there will have been an energetic exchange based on value which for the individual receiving the money is always linked back to the ‘personal gift-set’. You cannot receive any credit without the energetic value being exchanged. IN everyday terms, this means collateral or credit rating.
  3. Gift – the inheritance, the windfall and lottery win and so on. The stuff that can often feel more miraculous. I was just thinking the other day I wish I was able to get an upgrade to 1st on my long haul flight, go to check in and the counter assistant says, hey can we give you a free upgrade to first. Like woweeeee it’s a miracle, well technically it is.

The 3 types of money also have a unique energy signature to them, and are part of the whole vibration of money.

Conditional money has a fast moving current hence why it more often than not ends up in a current account in a bank or turns into cash and is used to pay everyday stuff like bills, food, rent mortgage etc. It comes, it has to move, this is the nature of it. The spiritual intent behind conditional money is that it is an exchange and return based on value. It’s about payment and savings.

Credit/debt money energy is similar to conditional money; it is fast moving. The universe doesn’t see in negative or positive, so we may well call it debt and feel it like a noose around our neck and carry shame about it, the universe just ensured we got it (a) because we have that level of abundance potential (not everyone can get credit) and (b) there was an answer to a growth prayer we had been requesting. Controversially for some, it is about support and how much you let yourself be supported, will impact on whether you fall down the black hole of F*CK I am in so much debt or whether it is money that is used wisely for whatever purposes you need and paid back as agreed, without drama.

Gift money which is at this moment in time the highest vibration of money is linked to unconditional love.

Now the spiritual lesson is over, you can learn more about money with me if you are ready to heal your money story by clicking here.

More and more knowledge and wisdom about money is known and shared and then taken by pseudo-spiritualists, armchair readers and manipulated to make them look like money experts who have a secret or two to share with you while you struggle in business and financially. Or at least tell yourself you do!

Just because someone has made millions it doesn’t mean that they can share how they did so you can copy ‘their formula’.

I am not saying that they don’t have something to share however the challenge that appears is when they tell you to put it on the credit card. Pay for my training on your credit card, often not just a 4 figure payment, a 5 figure or sometimes more payment. Yes, stick it on the credit card if you are really serious and want to be like me and my happy customers. Don’t worry about the unhappy ones they weren’t ready to grow.

Of course, reviews of the so-called celebrity entrepreneurs, right down to the ones who think they are a celebrity (or aspiring to be one, and shout that they are the best in class) will as the reach gets bigger, be more varied. Not everyone is going to be everyone’s cup of tea and nor will everyone like what you do.

This is worse than Tripadvisor. When you look at what is said about some of the big entrepreneurs with their schools and academies… All  of them claiming to be about helping people look like them and do business just like them too, yet they get equally as much said in favour and against them and for me that is a bit of a stinky rat situation. They also seem to be the ones suggesting and inferring that using a credit card to pay for what they offer is a symbol of some untapped hunger from within and demonstrates your commitment, and of course, they did it once so it must be the perfect course of action if you want to be them.

I have stuck payments on credit cards for all sorts of things, still do and will do. I have no personal issue or challenge with credit (still don’t like to tell my mum though). You only have to watch Dragon’s Den (UK TV show where entrepreneurs come to pitch an idea or business to win investment from a Dragon AKA successful entrepreneur) to hear how the Dragons ask about how they are financed and have even heard them suggest use your overdraft and credit facility to bring more cash into the business. I have never stuck anything on  a credit card because someone else told me to or made me feel like if I don’t I must be so not goddess or committed.

Part of me strongly believes that if you, as the business owner, aren’t willing to take a punt on yourself and your own business  then why do you expect a waiting list of people to pay you?

However, and there is always a however, the choice to put something on credit card or debt (like overdraft, getting a loan to pay for some business or personal development course) is yours.

I am going to repeat that, the choice to go into debt always is yours.

A business coach or any other type a personal coach/healer/therapist etc is not qualified to give you financial advice like that and nor is even an accountant who may responsible for your finances in some role except when you can’t pay the debt and have that meltdown which can and does exacerbate and throw you deeper in the black hole. Then you are on your own!

If a programme, VIP day, retreat, workshop, event etc. is suggesting or in a sales conversation you are being told hey stick it on your credit card, you’ve got more to lose if you don’t, you have to stop and breathe and keep breathing and pause and remember the choice is yours to make.

If you do it on someone else’s fearful marketing technique or railroading approach, how much have you handed over support to someone else and stopped supporting yourself by making decisions that are wise to you?

If you remember in the earlier spiritual lesson about money, credit and debt money indeed is about how much you are willing to support yourself and for me I do translate that in my life to every now and then use my credit facility to pay for something that supports my growth. That is my choice.  In the past, I have used it for food because I needed that support. Better to eat than not to eat.

When someone else whom you aspired to say you are working with, in the hope that you get business by association or insider magic secrets to building a business and lifestyle like theirs. Or, when your entrepreneurial crush says to you stick it on the credit card and then you can be like me

I would tell them where to stick it, because that choice is yours and if you don’t make it and fully own it, the coach who has no emotional investment in your success as so many say and the coach who you suddenly find you don’t have access to, it was just her name you purchased, will tell you when you say ouch this isn’t working for me that it is your fault. They will tell

They will tell you that you’ve got bad money juju and probably sell you another programme and suggest you stick it on the credit card, and let’s work on you being wealthy because if you believe in you being wealthy you will simply stick it on the credit card. And bang the cycle begins again.

No-one ought to be telling you what to do or even suggesting how you spend your money. It is up to you to make those decisions. This is the first rule of money healing!

Only you can define if you feel supported to put something on credit. If you do, then brilliant, however you have to own that decision fully. If you don’t wish to put things or a certain something on credit, then brilliant, as equally you must own this decision fully too.

When you support you in this way you’re empowered from within and  you free yourself of the illusion of someone else telling you how to spend your money.

It’s bad selling when you tell someone to get into debt, it doesn’t matter if the person telling you has flouncy hair, is friends with Oprah, Tony Robbins etc. it doesn’t mask the whiffy pong of fear based marketing.

Truly you make the choice.

Being told you aren’t ‘good enough’ when you don’t use your credit card is just a load of cobblers.

What do you think?

Please be mindful in your comments.  We aren’t bitch festing here, it is about personal responsibility and how we all make mistakes, get duped, sucked in and sometimes don’t do due diligence.

However, are we willing to grow as a result or shrink? And are we willing to break habits in order to be our greatest selves?

I hope so.

So in answer to my question: is using a credit card wise for business and / or personal development?

You decide. Always.

Sarupa Shah


Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah is The Celebrities Soul Agent and owner and founder of The Soul Agency . The Soul Agency works with entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe who want to put soul and spirit back to where it matters and create a legacy of love for the planet, starting with their business and bank balance! To visit her blog click here
Sarupa writes about business, money and politics giving them a spiritual, twist, shake and stir. (If you sign up to The Soul Agency you will get a free eBook - 31 Money Affirmations...!)
Sarupa lives in London and loves being a vegetarian and has a passion for eating!