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Sharing old posts automatically

I am always on the look out for ways to save me time and energy. I also have an issue with the fact that after my initial sharing that my old content never sees the light of day again (unless found via a Google search!) So I was really interested to find some ways in which I could be sharing old posts automatically.

Here are some ideas which were shared in the Facebook group which I am a member of. I thought there were some great suggestions so wanted to capture them in case they were of use to you too.  Remember there is so much noise out there that people may not see your article the first time round which is why it is so important for you to keep sharing. It also gives you more to talk about on social media. This is not a way to ‘spam’ people but to remind people of your best content every week/month so they remember it is there when they need it.

  • Social oomph – you can create queues and then it just works its way around the queue over and over and over so automatically shares content over and over again at a schedule you set. Costs $38/month.
  • Coschedule – you have to set it manually how many times you want your content to be shared so not great for re-occurring automation but did get some great feedback.
  • Create a spreadsheet with times, dates and updates and then upload to hootsuite once a month by simply changing the date (leaving the time the same) and then just adding new content to it.
  • Cindy suggests “I have a system set up using a Google spreadsheet to store the posts, upload them into Google calendar and then sees the “events” and posts them. ” She said it sounds more complex than it is but actually has no limits and is working really well for her.
  • Tweetily or “tweet old post” plugin for wordpress automatically tweets old blog posts randomly
  • Edgar was suggested but not sure where it excels in automation.
  • Tweet Jukebox will give you lots of twitter queues for free apparently.

There are some here which I was familiar with but also some which are brand new to me.

I would love to know in the comments what is working for you in this area at the moment.

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Victoria Casebourne

Victoria is an ex-computer scientist who went on to build a creative business to 6 figures twice while having a baby break in between. Visit for free training and resources helping mums break up with the 9-5 and build a life on their terms.